Monday, September 13, 2010

When doing your best isn't enough...

I really wish I had time to learn things like this.

But the more and more I grow up, the more I start looking at this logistically, and realizing just how much time I would waste doing that, only to come up short of being the best. Yeah, yeah, I know, this guy did it. He's the best yo-yo-er around. For a year. And I can't even imagine how much he wanted that title of Yo-Yo World Champion. I think it'd be pretty awesome to be able to whip that one out at parties... but I'm not nearly devoted enough, mentally, to be a world champion.

And its not just yo-yos. I've kinda realized I'm not devoted at anything enough to even consider being the best. I play trumpet, but I'm fairly mediocre. I like rock climbing, but I'm not great at it. I like video games, but I fail at Halo. How can you be the best at video games if you suck at Halo?

I guess it all really depends who you compare yourself to. But to be the best at something - which, consequently, is the only way to really turn a profit and make a living by doing it - you have to compare yourself to the best until, at least for a brief moment, you are the best out there. That's really the only way that it can be justified by today's standards. It's only acceptable to waste that much time doing something like yo-yoing if you end up being the best out there. Anything less, and people look at you and say, "wow, this guy is going no where in life." If you're content with being a mediocre nobody with no money, go for it. You could look at it like "you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Just do your best," but you'd just be fooling yourself.

Sorry this post is so bluntly realistic and cynical. I said I would stop that.

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  1. It's okay to be cynical, sometimes we just need to rant about it all. If it makes you feel any better I also pretty much suck at halo - yes I'm a girl who loves games haha - although I do lurveeee rock climbing I haven't done it for years so I'm sure I'm also sucky at that now. I don't particularly feel like I'm devoted to a particular something right now... sigh, kind of feel like there should be SOMETHING I could be proud to say I'm amazing at :/