Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting.. its been a crazy busy semester. I don't have class on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. You'd think I'd find time to blog. But no, I've been doing way too much.

Like netflix. And just hanging out with friends. It's nice to just go somewhere and chill with friends.

But the hours of netflix? Yeah, I could probably take some time out of that busy, busy day and write some.

But let's focus on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a second. All weekend I freaked out about this paper that was due on Tuesday. Well, it was due for peer review. The paper was due Thursday. So naturally, Monday night I found myself cramming for a test and ignoring the damn paper. Tuesday rolls around. Test goes great. Get to class with paper, ready to BS peer review. Prof doesn't show up. 15 minutes go by, we look at each other, get up and leave. Successfully avoided peer review. So, later on, she emails the class. At first, I thought, surely, she'll skip peer review and keep the due date for the paper.... here's most of that email:

I apologize. I had a student in my office until 2:15, and for some reason, I was thinking I had class at 2:30. I teach at 2:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Anyhow, let's do a peer review on Thursday, and then you can have until Tuesday to finish the reports.
All in all, Tuesday was a good day. 

As for next week, I'm skipping all of Thursdays classes because I'm traveling with the basketball team to go to the Big 12 Tournament as a part of the basketball band. Extra win. Then I'm travelling with the band to NCAA men's over spring break. Double extra win. 

AND I had an interview for a summer internship this past Monday. If I get it, it'll be in Dallas. Great excuse to live and eat for free in Dallas over the summer. If I don't get it, or decide I just don't want it, I have another few internship options, but they're not looking as great. I'll probably end up staying in Waco, getting a demeaning job, and taking a class at the community college. 

Which sounds much more like me. Internship, psh. Real world, psh. Nah. I'll stick to something mindless and easy. Like a minimum wage job and school. Perfect.

As for the other side of life... that girl's still with her guy. The only thing that's changed is that she and I don't talk as much as we used to. And that's that.

So there's a small update into the several facets of my life. I'll try not to forget this, but I say that every time. I'll write when I get around to it next.