Tuesday, November 3, 2009

oh just for kicks...

you know its been too long since the last post when it forces you to log in again even though you have it set to do that automatically....

i really dont have a point to this at the moment. it wasnt like 'oh thats a great idea, i'll go write something about it!'. no, this was more of a 'oh i'm bored and i havent posted in awhile and i feel kinda bad about it so i think i'll go write about something and ramble on since i cant sleep anyway'.

the no sleep thing is kinda weird, since we fell back an hour over halloween. you'd think i would be able to sleep, since 11 feels like 12, but no. so here we are. oh, halloween. very entertaining. the friday before, the 30th, i dressed up like a pirate. not for halloween, but for the senior prank that everyone, and i mean just about EVERYONE pansied out of. it really only works when lots of people do it - not 6. but anyway, the next night, for the first time in my life, i didn't go trick or treating, mostly. i went to a party instead, and since it was a halloween party and i had my pirate outfit from the day before, i grabbed it and changed it up a little from my fighter pirate to my party pirate. i exchanged my sword for a bottle of rum. i figured that and some light eye liner to go with it was different enough to pass by the people who had seen me on friday. at the party, we ended up going trick or treating, but only to one specific house: Mr. Director Samuel Scott Mason's most humble abode. i cant say i had ever seen his house before that. its a nice, modest one story with a fairly well kept yard. we rang the door bell, but the only thing that answered was a little white blur through the glass of the front door that was barking at us.

what are the odds, mason doesnt do halloween.

no happiness.

anyway, after that, i thought i was done with good ol' pirate outfit, but no. the church i go to has an annual church halloween party. the high schoolers set up a haunted house / scare the crap out of you house for the middle schoolers, then we all eat and watch some halloween movie. this year we watched scooby doo. they met up with the granddaughter of ichabod crane in happy little sleepy hollow. anyway, you can go watch it yourself.... i wouldnt wanna spoil anything. so back to the pirate outfit.... considering it was a church party, i didnt grab another bottle of rum (another because i ended up leaving the first one at the party), but went back to the sword. but, i couldnt just be a normal pirate, so i added some HEAVY black eyeliner and fake blood everywhere, staining the white shirt, fake slits on my neck and face, sharpie tattoos on my arms, some quazi-five oclock shadow... i went crazy with it.

this picture was actually taken after the fact, so i was looking a little more casual than for most of the night.

ok, so you know when you pass a kid that was in one of your elementary school classes and they remind you of those days? well that happened to me today. after school, i passed catherine welch. i think thats how you spell it. and thats the name she went by in 5th grade. i dunno if she ever took up her real name, leah. anyway, i sat next to her most of the year in 5th grade, since our last names were so close. i never really got to know her, and after 5th grade i'm pretty sure we never spoke again. we went our seperate ways, finally being given enough freedom to have an identity and a group of friends that we fit into. thats when cliques started - middle school. they couldnt exist in 5th grade, since they forced us to stand here, eat here, sit there, do this, think that, and so on. all we had was recess. but since we only knew the kids in our class due to the lack of freedom, we just chose to stay with kids in that class, since it was them that we were most comforable with. no freedom = no separation = no cliques. middle school, we at least got to hang out in the hallways, we had one elective that first year to start separating into groups based on interests, and we didn't have assigned lunch tables, at long, long last.

but yeah, i passed her today, and it made me think about how simple life was in 5th grade. very little responsibility, very little freedom. we couldnt drive anywhere. couldn't even go get a meal by ourselves. couldn't get to our friends house alone unless it was by bike, and even then we had to borrow the phone to check in when we got there. our parents took us shopping and only bought what they liked. no girl drama, since we didn't really like girls yet. i had my crushes, but i wasnt getting a girl friend any time soon. now days, we have to keep track of girl drama, money, a job, classes, actual homework, what to wear, how to fit in, what clique we're in, and on and on we go..... but hey, we have cell phones and cars. worth it? i guess its all just how you look at it. growing up can be fun, but it can be a pain in the ass. it should be a pain in the ass if youre doing it right. if youre just sliding by, still having your parents take care of all your responsibiliites... man, youre screwed for college. mommy and daddy are only there for so long. take care of your own crap. like the seat belt ticket i got....i took care of that on my own. there was no "oh no, mommy, i got a ticket, go take care of it for me!" i know we live in coppell, but grow a pair and do it yourself. take things into your own hands, because you're gonna have to sometime. i'm not saying dont go to your parents ever, but dont use them as a continuing crutch. we grew out of that one.

wow, i guess i can ramble for awhile even when i dont have anything to talk about. go me. i'm gonna try to keep this updated a little more than once a month from now on, so i wont keep you waiting tirelessly so much anymore, since i know how much you just live for my blogs. toodles.