Sunday, June 27, 2010

toy story, naturally.

first, observe the title of this blog.

second, my friend sarah wrote a blog about toy story, and i feel the need to have my own take on this movie series as well.

thirdly, it will not be just like sarahs, but it may get close at some points.

and finally, there is no way to do this movie justice, but here it goes:

everyone loves it when you start with some statistics. i learned that one at college orientation after a few hours. so i guess i can do that. today is the 27th, 9 days after its release in the USA. To date, the movie has grossed $226.6 million, and its only going up. This being its second weekend in the box office, it has generated $59 million in ticket sales. most movies can't do that opening weekend. it did nearly double on its own opening weekend, while competing with seven other movies with the same release date. it is now competing with grown ups, which i first started seeing ads for at least 5 months ago, and it still holds the number one spot in the box office. it still has 16 countries that it hasn't been released in, including japan, the UK, and many others that it will surely soar in. the real critics at holds toy story 3 at a 100%, which is rare, but even more so is the fact that it was almost the first trilogy - if it weren't for 3 idiots - to have 100% ratings across the board from all the critics. apparently, 3 out of 195 movie critics didn't like it, but that still leaves it at a 98% approval. i can deal with that i suppose.

why do i share all of this? just to preface my heartfelt rant with something that actually backs up my unprofessional opinion that this is certainly the best animated movie ever created, if not just simply the best movie to come across a movie screen. its not just me that loves this movie, and i'm not the only person to go see it.

maybe i'm biased. again, look at the title of the blog. falling with style was my life story for a long time, because shortly after seeing this movie, at the ripe age of almost-four, i began learning how to climb trees and get on my roof. (my mother was thrilled). it became my motto, because buzz was my hero. like many people of my age are saying, i grew up with andy. we were the same age in the beginning, we were the same age at the end, and we both love all those toys that lived on 234 Elm street.

my dad and i saw toy story 3 together, him for the first time, me for the second. afterward, we were discussing it, talking about why i got so much more emotional than him during the movie, and he said something like "so i guess you kinda grew up with toy story". I agreed, naturally, but then he pointed out a disturbing fact... "well you sure didn't keep your toys. they all got ruined and trashed." there was no doubting it, so instead i figured my toys never talked to me, and so i loved the toys on the screen much more than my own. so yes, i cried during the movie. that last 15 minutes when we're saying bye to andy and to the toys and when andy sees woody in the box and gets caught up and when they're all playing together in the yard just like old times..... yeah, it got to me. because thats me. those are my toys.

better yet, throw into the mix that i'm too leaving for college, and in exactly 50 days. its close now. when andy's mom walks into andy's empty room and just gasps at the reality of it all of a sudden... thats me. this that i'm sitting in will hardly be my own room in 50 days. that's going to be my mom sitting and gasping at my sudden lack of occupation of the house.

but what i really want to say is, thank you, pixar, for that ending. it was perfect. after a lifetime of toy story, i know and love those toys just as much as andy himself, if not more, and was happy to see them go out with style as andy left them with the perfect little bonnie (who my daughter very well may be named after, should i have one). i am a child on the inside, and frequently on the outside, as many people that know me have noticed, and loved seeing a beautiful, happy ending come through the sadness. that scene with andy and bonnie and the gang was nearly nostalgic, because the last time andy played with those toys was when i played with my own. watching that scene made that inner child burst out and take over, and i realized in that instant that i would always love those toys and i would always have that inner child that can't wait to do it all over when i have kids of my own.

let us observe the graph. now, to clear up any doubt, THIS IS ACCURATE. for me anyway. i can't wait to have the chance for it to be totally socially acceptable to have play time again. andy had his chance right before college, and i got to have that chance with him right there in my theater seat, and it made me so very happy.

if you didn't cry during toy story, i've been saying you have no soul. but i guess i should rework that blanket statement a little bit. i'm much more emotionally attached to every aspect of toy story 3, from my own childhood toys to leaving for college. i cried. both times i've seen it. but i have such a large portion of my life invested in the characters and lives of this movie that every scene just hit so close to my heart that i couldn't help it. if you're just watching it, disconnected and unable to relate, then i can understand that you wouldn't get all choked up like all of us kids that truly grew up alongside andy and the gang.

whether you like it or not, andy is off to college. his toys are safe. the 3 movie deal that started 15 years ago has been fulfilled and toy story debuts are very possibly a thing of the past. all good things do come to an end eventually, and this movie hit right at home when it made me realize my childhood is no exception.

thanks disney, pixar, John Lasseter, and Lee Unkrich for an awesome trilogy. and thank you woody, buzz, rex, mr. and mrs. potato head, the round up gang, slinky, and hamm, along with all the other toys throughout the years for an awesome childhood and for being the best friends a kid can have.

Friday, June 4, 2010

the graduation blog entry. you knew it was coming.

wow, graduation weekend. when did this come upon us? it seems like we've been leading up to this point in our lives for years and years, but now it seems like it came in an instant. time is a funny thing. it goes by so slowly, but is gone so fast. i'd love to think of some awesome philosophical analogy or something, but i got nothing. its too hard to explain how i see and interact with time, so i'll leave it alone in favor of not sounding like a babbling idiot.

this summer coming up is going to be amazing. maybe i'm an optimist, but i dont see how it cant be awesome when THERE IS NO BAND. sorry for any younglings that read this, if there are any, who happen to be in band... yeah. sucks for you guys. its an awesome feeling to hear about all the initiations going on, graduation band, freshman camp next week, talks of fourth of july parade, and then put all that with your complete and total non-association with it all as a band student, and its like taking a 30 pound weight out of your backpack. i could go skip or something. uh, no homo? but yeah, no band. wow. an unfamiliar concept. on a similar note (lol), it'd be great if i knew the school song for graduation so i could sing along. stupid band. i'll hum it.

but yeah, gonna be an awesome summer. i'm definitely making new friends..... like, the weekend of graduation. its rather sad, that i'm just now making some awesome friends that are going away in a few months. like, 2. or 3 tops. it would have been awesome to be doing this like, at the end of last summer, or even the end of last year. but all the same, i'm glad i'm not going to have a boring summer.

friends are funny that way, don't you think? as we change and grow, our friends do the same. its not very often you find friends that have been best friends since kindergarten and are still best friends now that we're graduating. people just... change. friend groups changed when we went to middle school, and drastically changed when high school came along. more people, more diversity, more groups, more change. now we're going off to college. its the opposite now. before it was ok, because we were joining with other schools. no one had to say goodbye. now we're done mixing with others, and instead all heading separate ways. this is a completely new concept. sure, there's facebook. sure, we'll come back for homecoming - well, some of us - or during fall break or at christmas. we'll see each other at tom thumb when mom sends us up to get some eggnog or whatever, we'll say hi, maybe even have a 5 minute conversation... but our real friends will change.

sorry if i'm killing this real friends thing in my blog, but its a big deal to me. we're going to college. if you're not coming with me, we won't stay awesomely cool and perfect friends. sorry. we can stay friends, but it wont be easy and we wont be besties. we're heading different directions, and for the first time, i mean it totally literally as well as figuratively. plus, when we get to college, we're going to make friends that didn't go to coppell. crazy concept, huh? my life is going to fill up fast. new school, new friends, new schedule. its a lot to take in, and it isn't going to slow down.

this right now will be the past. what is now, wont be then. i hope i stay friends with the people i am friends with now, but i can't promise anything. all of this "you'd better visit" or "i'm gonna come see you!" stuff... well of course we say that now... we dont have anyone else to be with. but as soon as life goes from point A to point B, we'll find that Skype is our new best friend and thats really all the time we can make for our old high school buddies. thats all we're going to be to each other, to be blunt and realistic. old high school buddies. friends from back in my hometown. friends from my last life. it won't be the here and now, and our relationship will change accordingly.

does this mean i hate you? no.
does this mean i dont care about you or your feelings? no.
it means life is changing, time is unstoppable, and the inevitable is just that. we cant stop all this from happening. i hope it doesnt destroy what we have, but it will in part, and there's no way to stop it.

the bright side? there's a bright side? oh yes, there is. we still have right now. we still have this summer. it's going to be awesome, and i don't want the looming move-in date that is constantly hanging over the summer to be a downer. don't worry about what's going to happen to our friendship in 3 months. lets be friends now, just like always, and end on a good note. a good memory to end this stage of our life will mean the world to me and will stay in my mind a long time. the same goes for bad last impressions. if we get in a huge fight right before we go to college and rarely see each other in person for the rest of our lives, that's exactly how i'm going to remember you - that person i got in a fight with the summer of my senior year of high school.

so for now, lets be friends, lets forget time is fleeting, and lets not fight. later we can worry about fitting each other into our busy lives, but for now all we have is each other, so lets not lose sight of that.

summer should be a good time.
summer will be a good time.
happy graduation, my fellow classmates.