Friday, July 9, 2010

rain, rain, GO FREAKING AWAY. ....tomorrow's not good either.

oh my. Can someone please enlighten me as to WHY the weather is doing this to us here in Dallas in July? It's worse than freaking Seattle. It's worse than Houston. Its just... really hot, and either 95% humidity or flat out raining.

I love Texas? Yes, but right now we're clearly in an argument. I suppose we'll kiss and make up later.... but right now it's war. I miss the Sun, Texas, so bring it back.

In other news, I saw Despicable Me last night at the midnight premier. It was pretty amazing, I must say. Now I have to pick between a few names for my future daughter. Originally, it was to be Bonnie, after the Toy Story girl, but now I'm considering Agnes, the adorable little kid in this new one. Seriously, this movie was awesome. No tear jerking sadness this time, just good, fun jokes and comedy. It's like Pixar movies in a way, with their blunt child's humor, and more subtle humor that keeps the adults around. And it's one of those "awwww :)" movies, but that's acceptable. I need happiness in my life anyway, so if it has to be through all of these awesome animated children movies, so be it.

To top off the amazingness of Despicable Me, it was not Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks. So no one can automatically hate it "because its Dreamworks". The animation was really good in my opinion, and it was by Illumination Entertainment, who ever they are. This was their production premier. Their First movie. I approve and can't wait to see how they improve in "Flanimals" in 2011. We'll see.

Small update about the persistent rain: its now thundering again, and there is a flowing river in my front yard and a lake in my driveway. Again. The water doesn't quite make it all the way across the street yet, but I'm sure it'll get there.

See, my street has no curbs. So the drainage happens in ditches in the front yards and through 12" pipes that go beneath driveways. Hypothetically, it all drains in the direction of the least resistance, which leads to a large drain on the other side of my loop. But what really happens is all the 12" pipes get clogged and the water-friendly low spots in the front yards turn into lakes, resulting, currently, in this:

Please note: lake in my front yard, bigger lake on the far right where my driveway is supposed to be, and the body of water that looks like a one dimensional moat across the street, in front of both houses.

This is what happens every time it rains at my house. And it's been raining a lot lately. Best part? It actually gets a lot worse than what's in the picture. Isn't that awesome? Yeah, I thought so too.

On the bright side, I get all the movie channels again. See, my dad complains to Verizon a lot. Like, A LOT. So we frequently get "shut up and leave us alone" perks. FiOS dropped a few channels - maybe 4 or 5 - off of our account on accident, so my dad calls in and complains a bit, so now we have an instantaneous internet, 35 up 35 down (compared to DSL, which is more like 6 if you have the fast one. You don't have to know anything about downloading speed to know that if 3 is ok if you have to and 6 is decent, 35 is freaking amazing.) Now, I use the wireless, so it bumps it down to about 25, BUT STILL. its about 5 times better than anyone else's hard wire connection. We also have all the HBO, Starz, etc. channels for 6 or 12 months, I can't remember exactly. It's all the same to me, past 2 months anyway. We get NFL red zone, so all football all the time, not that I'll get to reap the benefits of that one. We have every HD channel FiOS makes. You get it. My Dad is the king of complaints. And as if that's not enough, my phone keeps randomly turning off (again), and it's under warranty, so Verizon is giving me a new one (again). Considering we use Verizon for - and pay Verizon monthly for - our home phone, FiOS TV, cell phones, and internet, I don't think it's completely unreasonable that we ask for these things. But it is a little ridiculous how much we mooch off of Verizon. I almost feel sorry for the company. Almost.

So. Another life update without touching on New York or Orientation? I think not. I'm gonna give up on New York... nothing incredibly eventful happened. It was New York... the end. Orientation was pretty entertaining though. We stayed in this La Quinta that was right next to campus that claimed to have wireless internet. But, we soon found, it was only wireless if you kept your computer in contact with the floor within a small, invisible 4 foot box. And even then, it was spotty and slow. First day of orientation, it was a little hard to figure out where everything was. We had schedules with us, with building and room numbers, but those were only slightly helpful. So while my dad and I were wandering about the business building looking for this nonexistent room, there were 4 or 5 other people doing the exact same thing as us. Did we all collaborate? No! Why? Dunno. But anyway, we ended up asking someone that worked in the building, and they pointed us to the building next door where we were supposed to be, and we kinda half took charge and waved to the other wanderers, Hey, it's this way! Among them was this girl that stood out with her blue and white striped shirt, since she was the only person on Baylor campus wearing blue. Anyway, she was clearly looking for the business major meeting too, so I said to myself, "well, maybe we'll meet each other properly someday." Throughout the day, I kept seeing her, just because she stuck out so much, and eventually, by some act of God, ended up sitting at the same dinner table as her, all nice and separated from anyone over the age of 20. Turns out she's from Colorado and her name is Shanna. ----Shanna, if you ever manage to come across this for any reason... uhm, ignore it? I dunno. Sorry I'm telling the world about you. heh. ---- So anyway, interesting things happened at orientation to college. The vast majority of the girls at Baylor's orientation- Shanna being no exception - was so highly attractive. I really dunno if I've seen that many attractive women in the same place for the same reason before. 60/40 women to men at Baylor too, so not only are most of them women, but out of those, most of them are attractive. I'm at Baylor for the academics, I promise, but that certainly isn't a deterrent from the Baylor College Experience, as far as I'm concerned.

Good times. Stay dry, kids.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

life update.... facebook, Wendy's, stalking... the usual.

i wish i had a real reason to post right now, but i can't think of one. so instead, i'll tell you the story/thought process leading up to my typing at this moment.

When I get bored, I resort to facebook. A lot. Like, sit on it for hours and stalk and chat and whatever. Well, if you didn't know, at points in the day, there are dry spots where there is nothing going on inside the facebook world, and no matter how many times I hit refresh, there are no more 'most recent' posts to entertain myself with. So at that point, I start to stumble. The glory of StumbleUpon is never ending, but I suppose that's the purpose of it. If you are unfamiliar, try it. It's the ultimate boredom solver. But after a bit, even that gets old - have I mentioned I have the shortest attention span ever? So, what comes after that? Food. I give up on the computer for a little bit, and go get food. Food is your friend. But once fed, now what? I open my mac up again and search for rescue, and see the blogspot bookmark at the top of the screen, between my bank bookmark and wikipedia. Now I feel guilty, since I haven't posted in a while. Hey, I'll post! That's something to occupy my time! Oh, wait, I have nothing to say. What should I talk about? MEHHH.

So I decided to say all that in the end.

Now that I think of it, I have a lot to say. Like, for example, I went to Wendy's today. A few awesome things happened at Wendy's, as usual. First of all, I got my first free frosty. Wendy's put on a promotional where you buy this key chain for a dollar, and they'll give you a frosty every time you buy something until next year. I love free things, I love frosty's, and I love Wendy's, so this works out very well for me. The second awesome thing was getting to watch these girls at the other booth. Now, before you go, woah there, Kyle, I don't wanna hear your awful fantasies and listen to you describe some hot chicks, you should know, its not quite like that. there were 3 girls, anywhere from 7th to 9th grade... they all look the same around that age... and there was one older guy, could have been a dad of one of them, sitting a table over. One of the girls was obviously upset about something, as she was complaining, loudly, to anyone who would listen - particularly the older man. It sounded like she was going on about how dumb her mother was and how unfair all of it was and how she even asked permission before she did "it", whatever it may have been for this young drama queen. I kept looking over, smiling in a way that said, wow is this girl stupid. I do hope she grows up someday. Anyway. This wasn't the most amusing part, either. (Don't get me wrong, it was pretty amusing.) The best part was her friend, who was sitting next to her in the booth, separating her from her father (that's my best guess anyway). She had this look of pure exasperation. It was one of those faces that told a whole story. Something like, "Wow, she's really saying all this. She has everything in life, and she has the nerve to talk to her dad like that. Again. Why am I friends with her? I'm so embarrassed to be sitting here, being associated with her." She kept looking around Wendy's to see if anyone else was seeing this and saw how exactly ridiculous she was being... or she was seeing if there was anyone she knew so she could figure out if she needed to go to the bathroom for an extended period of time, or just hide her face. Either way. I think it was the first though, because as she looked around, she caught me smirking at this poor, loud girl who was still throwing a preteen tantrum. When she saw me, she just held this look that said "help?" and shook her head like, "I promise I'm not like that; please don't think I'm the same way just because I'm sitting here." At this point, I gave her a sympathetic look of my sincerest apology, and went back to the conversation with my dad. After 10 or so minutes, the girl had shut up a little, but was still babbling on about her phone and her mom's texting habits and memory (or what seemed to be the lack thereof). After one last look of sympathy, I got up and left her there stranded with the loudmouth and one other friend, who was sitting with her back to me, so I couldn't tell whose side she was on.

Isn't it funny how we make these small interactions in our lives? It's kind of like driving past a house with a big window at 50 miles an hour. You get a small glimpse into someone's life, knowing how unlikely you'll ever get closer. Those girls have probably been best friends since elementary school, and their future could go so many different ways... and while I saw one of the rough moments of their lives, their lives will continue on without me or my knowledge. I will very likely never see any of them again, and today they were single service entertainment for my lunch. But to them, it was just one day of thousands.

There's another way to step back and look at other lives, knowing they have nothing to do with you. I think it's really humbling to see just how huge the world is, and how few people you know and how little power you have in the big scheme of things. But yeah, go search a random name on facebook, find a less protected profile, and start investigating. It isn't stalking, and I hope I'm not a creep for doing this for fun. Stalking is being obsessed with a person and finding out everything about them. This is totally different - it's stepping into someone's life for fun. Please don't think I'm really weird - I don't do this sort of thing on a daily basis, promise.

In other news, I'm back from New York and Baylor's orientation, and I'm about to go to Missouri next Wednesday, then Line Camp on the 26th, then to a family wedding anniversary. Then I'm going sky diving with my best friend and my cousin. Then I'm going to Baylor. More to come on those things later though. My next one'll probably be about New York and orientation, since those already happened, and the longer I don't write about them, the less I'll be able to... bad memory comes with the short attention span. :]