Sunday, May 9, 2010

so very close.

one more week. that is a fact i needed to be reminded of. its the only thing keeping me going right now, and i lost sight of it for a while there, but a new friend of mine put me back on track. one more week and then.... freedom.

one more week and band is over. one more week and school is essentially over. unless watching movies and playing wii just became complicated, difficult tasks. (sorry sir, "tasst") one more week till the band banquet. one more week until i can stop worrying about these meaningless things and worry about graduation. that senior 6 flags trip. my eagle ceremony (that you need to be at). summer camp. my mission trip to NYC. my cousin's graduation trip that gives me an excuse to escape the bubble to austin. these all come second to this week. this week is band. everyday after school for as long as mason says. after that its rush home and study my ass off for 2 AP tests, one of which i'm completely unprepared for because Flora can't teach micro, as much of a great guy he is. and a competent businessman and teacher i'm sure... but he doesnt know the material he's supposed to be teaching. anyway (sorry for the ADD moments. its habit.), after i finish those AP tests thursday morning and thursday afternoon, i immediately get to have the spring concert. then its friday. yay? no. more after school band practice. why? the concert on saturday morning at 10:30 at the majestic. what does this mean? it means i'll probably have to be at the band hall at like, 6 something. its awesome. cant wait.

but, after that contest, i never have to play that freaking symphony (which actually sounds great, its just the pressure of playing it perfectly that sucks), the stupid march (if you can call it playing.. out of all 200 some measures, before repeats, i play 20. i cant get far enough away from that one), and Circus Overture (hmm... no snide comment for this one. its pretty fun. hard, but i'll miss it)

and after those AP tests, high school is over. basically. like i said, playing video games and watching movies and doing "projects" that take the thought process of a 5th grader.... none of that counts. the hard part is over after thursday.

so very close now. so very, very close.