Sunday, September 26, 2010

the weekend.

Oh my. It's been just about a week since I've posted last. And if I remember correctly (I don't have my latest post right in front of me, and I'm too lazy to go find it), my last post didn't really count for much.

So let me start with the highlight of my weekend. Making my friends jealous. Tenth Avenue North came to campus and put on a free concert. And if that's not awesome enough, I was in the very front, in the very middle. I could basically touch Mike if I wanted to. The only disadvantage was that I learned that he spit a lot when he sings. He didn't spit on me or anything, but still. Not awesome.

But did anyone go with me? Yep. One person. Then he left after the person he came to see went and did his set and then left. 2 bands later, I was still there. All alone in the front of a huge crowd of people. Awesome? not really.

So in summary, the highlight of my weekend was horrible combination of amazing and not so much all in one.

Today, though, the highlight was the weather. It isn't hot. It was low 70's and overcast, which I think is just about perfect. Just cold enough to want a sweater, but be okay with shorts. Not humid, not awful...

SPEAKING OF HUMID. Oh boy do I have a story for you. I'm bad at this blogging thing... I have good stories, but my memory decides to not remember the good ones. Well... "good", anyway. Everyone loves to hear about other people's misfortune, if not slightly unwillingly.

So this Saturday was devoted to band. Baylor was playing Rice, in Houston. And of course, they took a good portion of the band with them. I volunteered (though if I had only known how badly it could go, I may not have signed up) weeks ago, so I had to go. I woke up around 12 because I had gone to bed wayyyy late on Friday due to a new obsession with Dexter (the real TV show, not to be confused with Dexter's Lab :D), which happens to be on our Netflix. Anyway, I had to be at the buses at 12:30 to leave Waco, so I quickly got my stuff together, only to realize I had tossed my band shirt in the bottom of the dirty clothes last week, and never got a chance to wash it. I wasn't so concerned about it being smelly and awful or anything, but it was horribly wrinkled, and the directors don't like that. Something about national network television...

So I went on a hunt for an ironing board. (I already had an iron. It appeared in our room. It's actually been in a bag on the floor since move in day, but none of us claimed it...) The rooms obviously don't have them, and neither of my roommates had one, and the laundry room doesn't have one (even though the ones in the girls dorm does... stupid Baylor and your stereotyping), and the front desk didn't have I gave up on finding the ironing board and improvised with a towel and my desk. It didn't work so great, but it worked and the wrinkles were gone and I appreciate ironing boards so much more now. Yay learning experiences.

So after that huge ordeal of getting my stuff together I still managed to snag a ride and get to the buses on time. Then came the beautiful three and a half hour nap to Houston and to the galleria, where we ate dinner. They gave everyone $17 for dinner, which is a pretty good amount, but my OCD kinda went nuts. Why 17? Why not save some money and make it 15. or give us a little more and make it an even 20. Just.... why 17?! Anyway, it took my small little group of some trumpets (which was totally up to us. They said go and be back at this time and we left. It's a nice change in trusting status from high school) at least 20 minutes to find the food court in that monstrosity of a mall/small city within Houston, but we eventually got there. Of all the places I could eat - there were many - I ate good ol' Sonic. I don't know why that's important enough to mention, but I really love Sonic. Then I got some quality Marble Slab and life was great.

So it was back on the buses, and off to the stadium, which is right out of downtown... it was like, a 5 minute drive. Then we got off the bus and I suddenly realized that that huge ice cream was just a bad choice. It was about 6, so, just about the hottest part of the day, and it was in Houston, so there was about a nine million percent humidity. (or 90-something percent. whichever) I got over it, but still.

We got up to the stadium and saw the Rice Band, called the Marching Owl Band, or the MOB. The MOB is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. I wouldn't want to be in it, but it's awesome. I don't really wanna get into it, because it's lots of detaily things, but just as an example, the trombone section was wearing togas and one kid had a fried turkey on his hat. Or as his hat... I couldn't really tell. The name is a bit of misnomer too, since they don't march. They run around and then stand still and make fun of something at halftime. Usually they make fun of the opposing team and school (one time they were playing A&M shortly after Reveille had died, so they played "oh where oh where has my little dog gone", in college station. They had to be escorted out by policemen after the game because the aggie fans wanted to physically impair the MOB), but on this particular night, it happened to be the 60th anniversary of the stadium, so they made fun of the administration of their own school instead.

The game made it to about halfway through the second quarter before the officials noticed the lightning that had been going on for a good 15 minutes. Then they called a weather delay, and we all retreated to the concourse, under the nice protection of lots of concrete. We, as a band, especially did, since we all carry large metal objects. Yay. The only problem was, now there are thousands of people in a small, semi-closed space. More hot. And really, really humid, considering it was raining now. It doesn't get more humid than that. So instead of hanging out, we did an impromptu concert for the thousands of people hating Houston. It was pretty fun, but tiring, since it was lots of straight playing, without the game going on (we can only play between plays during the game).

As soon as Dr. E gave us a break, one of the tubas, out of boredom, or something, started playing the tuba part at the beginning of Hey Baby, which was not on our set list anywhere, and hadn't been played in the band in three years. And even playing really softly, and leaving out phrases, about 30 people started singing along, right where they're supposed to, and then one trumpet plays the loud "BAAAAH BA BA BAH" (you know the part), and then EVERYONE starts to play, or at least everyone who thought they could find the notes. Dr. E was not happy that we had self initiated a song and played it in its entirety. But we were all rather proud of ourselves.

About 45 minutes later, the rain stopped and the game went on. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime or two, the game ended. It's not important to the story, but we won pretty handily. Sic 'em. Let's go ahead and put a few parts together. Kick off was at 7pm. Games usually last about 3 hours. This one had an hour and half tacked on to it because of Houston's gayness. And we were 3 and a half hours from our beds. Yes. We got back to Waco around 3 in the morning. That's gotta be the best part of the story right there.

On the bright side, we watched Independence Day on the way back, which I hadn't seen in a really long time. Still a good movie, if you were wondering.

So yeah, that was my trip to Rice on Saturday/Sunday morning. I made $17 dollars doing it, minus the bit I spent on Sonic and ice cream.

The next day, I woke up and watched the Cowboys whip the Texans, which is also pretty awesome. So, while I did my fair share (and then some) of complaining during this long rant, my weekend wasn't really all that bad. I'd LOVE to hear all about yours in that comment box just down below this :]

Sunday, September 19, 2010

School is DEFINITELY still school. ><.

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a few days... I've been, you know, active and stuff. Like, socializing and doing college things. I haven't had the chance to sit still long enough to write on here.....or write anything. Or do homework. Or study...... whoops. So here I am, Sunday night, studying and writing.

I'm gonna have to keep this post short, since I really do need to be studying. I should probably wait and write this later when I have a chance to do it justice, but I feel bad about not posting, I guess I'll deal with a baby post (and so will you, haha!) for now.

I have my 2nd and 3rd tests coming up this week. Not fun. I went to a review session tonight for one of the classes, and basically all I learned was how much I didn't know. Don't you hate that? The basic purpose of the "review" session for me was to figure out what to study. And it's admittedly a bunch more than I thought. So many stupid facts that I have to memorize out of a big book and 70 slide slide shows, all for one measly test. Why do I care what the density of the mantle of Earth is? I don't care how much of the core is made of iron, or how old the oceanic crust is, or how big the Haiti earthquake was. I really don't care about any of this. By the time I die, the Earth isn't going to have changed all that much. This doesn't apply to my life, personally, at all. I know where the earthquakes happen. We learned about that ring of fire thing in like, 5th grade. I think I'm good.

The other class is essentially the same. Its over computers, the internet, microsoft word... that stuff. More facts about computers that I'll never need or already know. This class is nearly as worthless as the geology one.

But nonetheless, I guess its time to grow up. I need to know the stupid, worthless, unhelpful information for, if nothing else, the tests. For the credit. For a degree. Then I can forget it in peace.

But until then.....

STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY like crazy until I feel like stabbing myself and throwing my computer off a building.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hey everyone,

I'm in a bit of an odd mood tonight. I can't really describe it at all, but I feel slightly obligated to try... it's a blog after all, and if I'm going to bring it up, I'd better be talking about it, yeah? Yeah.

I'm not tired. I know that one. First of all, I'm drinking this double espresso something or another from Common Grounds (the local coffee shop, for anyone out of the loop). Secondly, I think I got a good 8 hours of sleep last night, and I think the night before that too.... the days kinda blur together when you go to bed at 2 or 3 and wake up at 10, but I know I've gotten at least 7 every night this week. That's something most college kids can't boast, especially with a test this week.

So I'm not physically exhausted. Mental washout? I don't think that's it either. Sure, I've been doing more than I did all of senior year last year, but that's not saying anything. I slept through my classes last year. This semester I'm not doing nearly as much as the people around me, even though I'm working a little harder. My two friends that are my Common Grounds/food/study/party/whatever buddies are in this pseudo-honors program and they work their butts off. (You can hear all about the more positive parts of BIC, the honors bit, from the source... Ethan, one of the friends talks about it in his blog, if you care at all.) I'm sitting here writing this and they're sitting next to me, reading something required and writing papers and God knows what else. I'm also only taking 14 hours this semester, which all in all, even with band, is a pretty light load, considering one of those classes is a geology class nicknamed "Rocks for Jocks". Technically, it's "Earthquakes and Natural Disasters," but it's pretty blow-off-y. So in reality, I don't have all that much work to do. So it's not mental exhaustion either.

I know I'm not happy. Whatever I'm feeling, it's not happiness. I know happy, and this isn't it. It's not Baylor or anything making me particularly unhappy, because I'm not unhappy either. It's not unhappiness as much as the lack of happiness, if that makes sense. There's no negative, but there's no positive. I don't really have anything to look forward to except school related events like band and on campus things. I should probably be getting pumped up for the first away game at TCU in Fort Worth, but I'm not particularly excited. When I think about it, it sounds like fun, but I'm just not as excited as I should be. I mean, this is BU's first real football game.. Sam Houston? Buffalo? No one cares about them. We beat them times 10. Seriously. 34 to 3, and then 34 to 6. We didn't exactly leave it up for debate. But now experts are saying we'll loose by roughly 21 points. So yeah - our first challenge. I should be really excited. Oh well.

And other than football, there really isn't anything coming up, even school related. The most exciting thing on my schedule is the slight possibility Anna visiting sometime later ish maybe. The concreteness of our planning is almost tangible, don't you think? At least I have Fall Break to look forward to in a month, which is basically one day, but it makes for a nice three day weekend, conveniently when Coppell (my old high school) plays Southlake (our bitter rivals). So far, the record for the past two years - the only two years we've been playing each other - is 1 to 1. This is the big game to decide it for me, since by next year I probably won't care as much.

But still - that's next month. AKA a lifetime away.


I guess the best way to describe myself is "lacking". I'm missing something. I just have to find it, whatever "it" is.

Relient K never fails to have an appropriate lyric for whatever situation I find myself in, and this one seems to fit nicely right now:

"You all laugh at me
Like I'm not happy
With anything, any time, anywhere
And the half of me's all about apathy
And the other half just doesn't care"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

just talking... i don't really think there's a subject

Alrighty, so. Here we are again.....

First off, I'd really like to apologize for that last post. It was that awkward part of class where you get there kinda early and people are just sitting around doing nothing.... except - in this case - staring at our awkward professor. Or grad student. Or whatever he is up there in the awkward clothing talking about our government. I figured I was as bored as anyone, and saw that nifty little blogspot button at the top of my browser and thought how awesome it would be to make a short note of it! Ah ha!

Well it didn't work out quite as awesomely (its definitely a word) as I'd hoped... it turned out really rushed, since he started class just after that, and really...unlike what I usually post.

Then he actually commented on his absurd pants (which I would choose over the pin-striped pink pants he had today...) and I couldn't help going back and fixing it, since now I REALLY had something awesome to talk about.... and just couldn't wait to blog about? I don't understand why I didn't just make a little note of it and come back and tell the world about it that night. It wouldn't have been horribly difficult to remember. So yeah, sorry about that wayward post.

This is actually the first post I think I've written in a coffee shop. It's a little cliche, I know. Writing in a coffee shop... No one does that. This fine little establishment is called Common Grounds. Clever pun, don't you think? Well, despite the pun of a name, it's a cool place. I've been here every day this week.

Now it's borderline pitiful. But it's a great place to study, there's music, sometimes live music out back, and coffee. And they don't close until 1 am, which is another essential for a good study spot. So, recap - nice place, food, bathroom, air conditioning, music, late hours, and caffeine. What else do you need in a study place? That's right, nothing. Except maybe quiet every once in a while, but that's where the library comes in and takes over. I guess I'm not much of a quiet study person. I study best in groups or at least somewhere with other people. Maybe it's accountability? I feel the need to study to show people I can? I don't know, honestly. How about some reader response? What's your favorite way to study?

I don't mean to sound needy or anything. Comments are nice though... I dunno why. It's like getting a letter in the mail as opposed to an email or a text or something. Don't lie, you know you like getting letters, as long as they aren't the cliche birthday or graduation cards, but with out any money inside. Letters just seem more.... personal. Like someone really cared enough to take the time to sit and write a letter, then put forth that effort to mail it. It's not a lot, and I'm not sure why it makes me feel so awesome, but it does.

Like I got a letter from my best friend a few days ago, and it was awesome. I love her hand writing. (and for Anna, who's reading this right now, not that this is new news to you or anything, but I still love your handwriting.) Ever since I sat next to her in 8th grade science and copied her notes, I've loved her awesome handwriting... so easy to read, even when she uses that light blue pen or that green or purple or whatever else she had that year in her pencil bag. Those were some good times. In that class, we had a whole bunch of tables with those gross lab chairs and some regular horrible chairs, and then we had 2 huge arm chairs that reclined. She and I claimed those pretty much every day. It also meant I got to borrow a fun color for notes. And get to know her, which had to be the highlight of my life so far.

As much as I'd love to tell you all about my middle school years, I have my first college test tomorrow, and I'm here at Common Grounds to study, believe it or not, so I'd better stop writing this and go study something. Wish me luck :)

...I'll tell you all about the test next time, no worries.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today in American Contitutional Development.

Let me just quickly describe Mr. Eccentric today:

He has a water theme going. His pants would be normal today, were it not for the random quarter-sized dolphins covering them every 5 or 6 inches. His shirt is a nice light blue... nothing too special, unless you'd like to equate it to water. His tie is a clashing blue, and has a nice penguin on it, with a pleasant antarctic scenery.

This man is crazy.

(Oh, and he has black shoes and a brown belt. Go him.)

Yes, I ignored class to write this. Oh well.

Edit: He corrected us. They aren't dolphins. They're swordfish. "If you think is weird, I'm just getting started."

He understands. That's a good thing I guess. He just told us to go google the book, "True Prep", and find chapter 3. I don't know. Don't hold me responsible for anything you find.

I should really try to pay attention now.

When doing your best isn't enough...

I really wish I had time to learn things like this.

But the more and more I grow up, the more I start looking at this logistically, and realizing just how much time I would waste doing that, only to come up short of being the best. Yeah, yeah, I know, this guy did it. He's the best yo-yo-er around. For a year. And I can't even imagine how much he wanted that title of Yo-Yo World Champion. I think it'd be pretty awesome to be able to whip that one out at parties... but I'm not nearly devoted enough, mentally, to be a world champion.

And its not just yo-yos. I've kinda realized I'm not devoted at anything enough to even consider being the best. I play trumpet, but I'm fairly mediocre. I like rock climbing, but I'm not great at it. I like video games, but I fail at Halo. How can you be the best at video games if you suck at Halo?

I guess it all really depends who you compare yourself to. But to be the best at something - which, consequently, is the only way to really turn a profit and make a living by doing it - you have to compare yourself to the best until, at least for a brief moment, you are the best out there. That's really the only way that it can be justified by today's standards. It's only acceptable to waste that much time doing something like yo-yoing if you end up being the best out there. Anything less, and people look at you and say, "wow, this guy is going no where in life." If you're content with being a mediocre nobody with no money, go for it. You could look at it like "you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Just do your best," but you'd just be fooling yourself.

Sorry this post is so bluntly realistic and cynical. I said I would stop that.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"How was it?" you ask...

Okay, so maybe I overreacted a little about my parents. It definitely wasn't bad at all. I woke up to my mom calling me around 9:30 telling me they were starting the 2 hour drive down (that my dad made in an hour an a half; go dad). Around 11 they showed up, we went to lunch and played 20 questions about college and the like, which was expected... I got to tell them all about the church group I joined and how I'm on band council and how classes were good... that's not really the important part. I got a free, real lunch. That was pretty awesome. It's been awhile since I've had a cheeseburger that...... legit is the only word that comes to mind at the moment. Penland food is great and all, but not quite like real food. Or even real fast food. I miss being able to spend money like everything costs a few dimes, but I guess that's one of those "welcome to college" experiences.

But yeah, after lunch we went and checked in and I gave Mom her birthday present - I ended up just getting her a funny card and flowers and a big Happy Birthday balloon (because I couldn't remember her ever getting a balloon for her birthday before) - and then band started and I hardly saw them again. Just at dinner and as they were leaving after halftime. Not really long enough for them to start giving me life lessons and stories, which worked out really well.

Anyway, it's 2 something in the morning, and I had a game earlier tonight. Its always more tiring when you win, because there's a lot more cheering and yelling going on. (And yeah, we won, again. You should probably write that down somewhere... Baylor is 2-0 for the first time in 5 years. Sic 'em. We'll see how we do against TCU in a week.) So putting all that together... I'm going to bed.

On a parting note, if you're looking for a movie with horrid animation, a god awful plot, actors, script, and even title.... Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus is your movie. Excellent for a bad movie night.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fridays, Pants, and the Lack Thereof.

Hey. Hey you there. Yeah, you. It's sorta vital you know something. It's not Friday anymore.

I guess it's kinda still Friday night. I mean, its like, 1 in the morning, but yeah. I never know, at this point, whether to call it night or morning. So I'll keep living under the delusion that it's Friday night for now. Because if it's Friday, it's the last day of the school week and I only have one class. If it's Friday, my parents won't be here today. If it's Friday, life is pretty good. If it's Saturday... it's just a different story.

Well, today, Friday the 10th, I had American Constitutional Development. Is it so wrong to go to class, utterly excited and overjoyed, to see what the man is wearing this time?

Seriously, this man is a little messed up. I'm pretty sure he's a grad student here... he couldn't be more than a few years older than us. He's pretty dorky, with his general speech, side comments, bad jokes, sarcasm... everything he says... but it doesn't stop at his actions or his words. The way he dresses is one of the few reasons I can't wait to see him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He is just such a dork. Today, for example, was so bad that I couldn't tell you what he was talking about at all. I was wayyy too distracted. A fairly normal shirt... just a nice, white, short sleeved shirt with a pocket with a single pen... no pocket protector or anything, though I wouldn't put it past him. The thing that first catches your eye, besides the ever present 90's haircut, is his off-white-with-green-polka-dots bow tie. That was probably enough to distract me for the whole hour. But I managed to pay attention as he went making jabs at Congress and how he's lost faith in the Judicial system, etc., from behind the table.

Then he stepped out from behind the hip-high table. That ruined it for me. His pants, at first glance, appeared to be khaki. I mean, he's done worse than khaki, for sure. Wednesday he had pants with dolphins on them. This was much worse than the dolphins. This man's pants today were see-thorough. I quickly found out he's a boxers person, and these boxers were polka dotted, much like his tie. I couldn't tell, exactly, what color the polka dots were, because of the transparent cloth separating them from my eyes, but they kinda appeared to be green, like the tie. His pockets were deep, going most of the way down his thigh.

And as I watched him, easily phasing the pants out altogether, watched him give a lecture in his underwear and bow tie. Whatever he was talking about became the background completely.

And that was my one class of the day. I can't wait to see how he tops that on Monday.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Parents Weekend. Goodie.

Hey everyone, guess what?


...and if you happen to be reading this on any of the other six days, please hang up and try again in a few days. Because then it will be


I have my own shirt reserved for Fridays. It has a smiley face on it. Fridays are awesome. Fridays are even more awesome now that I'm in college, because I only have one class on Friday, and its a short one in the afternoon. So its kinda like having a three day weekend every week, except all my friends are still suffering, so I don't really have anything to do but study or sleep.

And I sure can sleep a lot.

Anyway, this Friday marks the beginning of Parents Weekend 2010 here at B Town. I think just seeing parents in Penland's hallways raised my stress level 2 points on a scale of 10. They were looking at one of the maps we all don't see anymore, looking really lost and confused. It's like when I went to New York over the summer.. We stayed in Brooklyn, where all the regulars are, and we got used to them. Then we went to Manhattan for a day and had to put up with all the tourists. I really hate tourists, and I don't even live there. In all technicality, I was a tourist, but I felt like after a week I had figured out where a lot of things were, how to work the subway system... those kinds of things. Apparently, some people hadn't been there that long. Or are just idiots.... Sorry, I'm rambling now. Moral of the story, I hate people that are out of place. Tourists in NY or just parents in a dorm.

Or parked across 2 spots in Penland's parking lot. They are really out of place. They actually should probably just stay off campus, because they obviously don't understand the limitations of Baylor parking. (The bird box mentioned in the link? It's... uh.... taken care of)

In any case, yes, my parents will be joining the Great Migration of Parents on Saturday morning. I don't see why Baylor has it this early. We just said 'bye' 3 weeks ago. They should really think about having it right about the time the moms are thinking about buying that new cat or taking in that exchange student. Or if nothing else... the middle of the semester. Not three weeks in. I just got away from them. DISTANCE makes the heart grow fonder. Not Parents Day.

I can see it now...
Kyle, clean up your room.
Kyle, make your bed!
Kyle, is that your towel on the ground?
I like the rug, Kyle, but ITS DIRTY.
Why is your desk so messy?
This TV looks like a distraction, Kyle.
You need to clean this sink, Kyle.
Kyle, look. Your mother is cleaning your sink. Don't let her do that! Go help!
Oh, and we're taking the TV home.

......okay, thanks for coming, mom, dad.... see you for Fall you too.

This is my fear. This is also only a slight exaggeration of reality.

I guess I'll tell you how it turns out... if I live.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hold on a minute, I need to call my guy for this...

Has anyone else noticed the rapid decline in basic ability of people to do anything? It's starting to be a perfectly logical and valid question to see how many people it's going to take to change that light bulb. Who else but the hired light-bulb-changer?

But really, society has decided for some reason that specialization is the coolest thing since ice cream. It worked great for assembly lines and cars and factories, so that means, logically, that it should work for all of America. Yeah, or not.

Since people have been around, it's just been a nice steady decline. Cavemen all made their own clubs and stuff (or so I'm gonna guess... I wasn't there or anything) and killed food for their family/clan/whatever. I'll skip up a bit to people that did the whole Little House on the Prairie bit. They had no store to go buy stuff from, and if they did, it was pretty limited stuff. If something went wrong, they fixed it. Same thing even in the early through the mid 1900s. If something broke, you knew how to fix it, or at least Mr. Husband tried to fix it. Like in A Christmas Story... the battle of the beast in the basement - whatever it was...I can't remember right now... hot water heater or something - never really ended, but Dad was at war. He could fix a flat tire too, given that his idiot kid didn't loose all the parts. So what happened?

These days, what isn't hired off? Lots of people have their yards done. They have someone to fix their plumbing, someone or a bunch of different someones that fix every other aspect of their house, a service that can come fix your car if it breaks, someone to change your oil, someone to fix your computer, someone to set up your email, someone to set up your cable, a guy for your whole entertainment system, a guy for your garden, for your pool, for your Christmas lights, for everything.

I'm not saying its everyone. I certainly wasn't raised in that environment. Right now, though, my dad is unemployed in all technicality. He doesn't have a job that he goes to the same building every day and receives paychecks and gets medical insurance. But he has a job. He's the guy people call when Thing X breaks. Need new paint for that room? Entertainment monstrosity set up? Door knobs replaced? Sink fixed? Shower redone? Floor tiled? My dad'll do it. And I'm glad he knows how, because that means he can teach me.

Personally, I would hate to be that dependent on all the specialized people and their 'talents'. I want to be as independent as possible. If something in my house breaks, I don't want to have to make a phone call. I want to know what's wrong and how to fix it, be it car or house or whatever. I want to mow my own yard and clean my own pool (which I will have. fingers crossed here).

This didn't come out of no where, I promise. It got mentioned somehow in philosophy today and it got me thinking about how dumb some people are getting. It's as easy as tightening a screw sometimes, and someone is willing to pay $40 bucks for a guy to come fix it. People need to realize what's going and stop letting the world decide specialization can apply to life in this extreme. Putting together a car is one thing. Maintaining a life is another.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

rainy day post

I don't really know what it is about rain, but it always brings mixed feelings. I know I promised to be more up beat, but I'm just not feeling it right now. So, uh.... sorry. I guess. If you want up beat, boy do I have some blogs for you. But this isn't gonna be one of them right now.

I think this rain is really bringing me down for a lot of reasons. It's so dark and dreary, for one. No rainbows with this one. No sun at all, really. I woke up kinda late, expecting all this sunlight to come bursting through my window when I opened up the blinds, but it was just as dark outside as it was in my room. It's still that dark, and it's just after 6 at night. Now it's only gonna get darker.

This is also the first time it's been hardcore rain here on campus for me. I'm not used to walking to class in pouring rain. With wind. I'll tell you something. It's not fun. To top it off, when you finally get where you're going, they have the AC cranked, because in all technicality, its still summer, so suddenly you're wet and freezing. Being wet outside was bad, but at least it wasn't cold. So then I got to sit through an hour and a half class, drenched, in the freezing cold room. Then I got to do the same thing again. A joyful day, indeed.

Best part? I knew it was gonna be cold inside, so I wore jeans. I didn't think it through too well. Jeans turn into ice cubes that stick to your legs like duct tape when they're wet, as luck would have it. Second, I did know it was raining, and I hate having to let my shoes dry, so I grabbed some flip flops. Also a bad choice. My feet dried off during class, but that didn't warm them up in the slightest. Plus, I managed to get my feet all dirty en route because apparently in Waco, one inch of rain really means about five. There was a new river that engulfed 4th street that I never knew existed, and many of the quads and malls are actually lakes in disguise. Of course, I waited until I absolutely had to leave, so I didn't leave any time to find other routes, so on I trudged through the lakes and white water rapids.

I did manage to grab a rain coat, so my mac stayed dry under it, but somehow, my spiral got water. Paper and water and ink, oh my. These things just don't mix very well. We figured out centuries ago that ink and paper actually go together very well, but that third ingredient really ruins it all. On the bright side, I think I can salvage the notes enough to rewrite them in a fresh spiral.

Anyway, so after classes, I did something completely awesome. I changed into dry clothes, found an amazing armchair and hot chocolate, and sat down and read. (The fact that the reading was more court opinions for Constitutional Development isn't important. It was better than walking to another class) The only things that could have made it better were having something slightly more entertaining than court opinions, a longer battery on my computer, and mini marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

But that was some pretty good hot chocolate. I was fairly impressed.

I hate a million other things to talk about, but I hate writing novel-posts, so they can wait.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A new style? Oh yeah.

So I decided that my blog was depressing. I went back and read some stuff and realized I complain. A lot. And on occasion have very, VERY little faith in humanity. And in myself, a lot of the time. So I'm changing stuff.

I'm still not a colorful person, but I took off the all black look. That was just a little too much. I like this new gray and white. Its easier to read, too, I think.

Now that the blog is fixed up and ready for upbeat, I can fill it up with happy, joyful things, right? Well, not to be a realist or anything, but it probably won't stay happy all the time. The new COLLEGE OMG IT'S HERE I'M SO EXCITED transition is wearing off fast, and it's really starting to feel more and more like school.

That homework I was ignoring earlier today? Yeah, that never got done. Good thing I don't have any morning classes. I can stay up late and do it or sleep now and do it in the morning. Either way, I have lots of time. But that's what I always said in high school too. "I have so much time, it can wait."

I should stop that. I need to not fall back into all the bad habits I had in high school. College is doing one thing really well, though. I'm really starting to realize how dumb drama is. I've avoided it completely these past two weeks, and it feels awesome. Consequently, it also means I'm completely alone and forgotten in a corner somewhere half the time, and the other half, I'm in the Friend Zone of no hope.

Oh, wow, see? That didn't take long at all. Sorry, new style. right. I'm really hoping it's not just the layout that's changing. I hope there are happier things to talk about coming up. Like my band post (ooh, see that cool trick?). College is my chance to make this happen. So I'm gonna take it up on that offer.

Ready, Set... Procrastinate!

Aw, now isn't this a familiar feeling? Using this blog as a means of procrastination is a past time I won't give up easily.

If, by chance, you are procrastinating as well, here are a few sites I've found especially useful in occupying my forever hopeless mind.

  • Glozell. Youtube never fails, but only because Glozell has videos on it. Look them up. All of them.
  • - epitome of wit, quite honestly, but if you don't go to Baylor, you may or may not understand half of it. Or all of it. I guess it depends how dumb you are.
  • - again, witty Baylor comedy. If you don't go to Baylor... it can still be funny. And if you do go to Baylor, and still don't get it... have your roommate explain it to you. It's just you. Trust me, it's funny.
  • - this one is random facts. Or what I believe to be facts. I don't see why someone would bother making up something like this everyday. Some of them make for great desktop wallpapers if you feel like reminding yourself daily what the phobia of having ducks watch you is.
  • - very similar to, failbook, facebookingfail, and many other websites, especially devoted to all those moments of facebook worth taking a screen shot of.
  • - another user submitted database of sometimes-witty-sometimes-retarded things. Kinda like or, but changed up a little. I dunno.. I like it.
  • - if you're feeling creative and need inspiration to start off a short story or need some material to start off a poem.... or you just like to look at random shit found on the ground, go here. its just a collection of notes and pictures and stuff people find that's been dropped, thrown away, left behind, whatever. Some are really funny, some sad, some random. good times.
  • - just.... go. The site is called "emails from an asshole" for a reason. But you'll laugh your ass off.
This should keep you fairly entertained while you don't do that reading for that one class. Or write that paper. You did pretty good to get your computer up and going, but you messed up the "research" part. I don't think I'm a very credible source, but if you'd like to use foundmagazine as a reference, make sure you tell your professor you found it from me. I'm not sure how to work that into MLA format, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

college haikus on a sleep deprived sunday afternoon.

So we're two weeks into college now, and its a nice three day weekend. I'm at a loss of a good story that would describe these few weeks, but I've decided the most appropriate way is to write a few college haikus.

My feet are gross now.
I showered without shoes on;
Now they are diseased.

College food tastes good.
I don't have to pay for it...
My poop shouldn't be green.

Roomies are alright.
Until you walk in on one
screwing his girlfriend.

Football season rocks
I stood up for five hours
then partied five more.

Sunday is church day.
I only fell asleep once.
Service is at noon.

The classes don't suck
Unless you never study
and hate reading books.

I hate reading books.
But reading court opinions
Makes those books just fine.

Sleep is optional.
But then again, so are things
like going to class.

Chapel is one class.
Its like an hour for sleep
or sneaky homework.

College is quite fun.
Life has never been this cool.
Suck on that, high school.

Haikus arent very hard,
now that i've written a few.
I'm done now... sorry.

Happy labor day everyone.