Sunday, September 19, 2010

School is DEFINITELY still school. ><.

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a few days... I've been, you know, active and stuff. Like, socializing and doing college things. I haven't had the chance to sit still long enough to write on here.....or write anything. Or do homework. Or study...... whoops. So here I am, Sunday night, studying and writing.

I'm gonna have to keep this post short, since I really do need to be studying. I should probably wait and write this later when I have a chance to do it justice, but I feel bad about not posting, I guess I'll deal with a baby post (and so will you, haha!) for now.

I have my 2nd and 3rd tests coming up this week. Not fun. I went to a review session tonight for one of the classes, and basically all I learned was how much I didn't know. Don't you hate that? The basic purpose of the "review" session for me was to figure out what to study. And it's admittedly a bunch more than I thought. So many stupid facts that I have to memorize out of a big book and 70 slide slide shows, all for one measly test. Why do I care what the density of the mantle of Earth is? I don't care how much of the core is made of iron, or how old the oceanic crust is, or how big the Haiti earthquake was. I really don't care about any of this. By the time I die, the Earth isn't going to have changed all that much. This doesn't apply to my life, personally, at all. I know where the earthquakes happen. We learned about that ring of fire thing in like, 5th grade. I think I'm good.

The other class is essentially the same. Its over computers, the internet, microsoft word... that stuff. More facts about computers that I'll never need or already know. This class is nearly as worthless as the geology one.

But nonetheless, I guess its time to grow up. I need to know the stupid, worthless, unhelpful information for, if nothing else, the tests. For the credit. For a degree. Then I can forget it in peace.

But until then.....

STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY like crazy until I feel like stabbing myself and throwing my computer off a building.

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