Monday, September 6, 2010

Ready, Set... Procrastinate!

Aw, now isn't this a familiar feeling? Using this blog as a means of procrastination is a past time I won't give up easily.

If, by chance, you are procrastinating as well, here are a few sites I've found especially useful in occupying my forever hopeless mind.

  • Glozell. Youtube never fails, but only because Glozell has videos on it. Look them up. All of them.
  • - epitome of wit, quite honestly, but if you don't go to Baylor, you may or may not understand half of it. Or all of it. I guess it depends how dumb you are.
  • - again, witty Baylor comedy. If you don't go to Baylor... it can still be funny. And if you do go to Baylor, and still don't get it... have your roommate explain it to you. It's just you. Trust me, it's funny.
  • - this one is random facts. Or what I believe to be facts. I don't see why someone would bother making up something like this everyday. Some of them make for great desktop wallpapers if you feel like reminding yourself daily what the phobia of having ducks watch you is.
  • - very similar to, failbook, facebookingfail, and many other websites, especially devoted to all those moments of facebook worth taking a screen shot of.
  • - another user submitted database of sometimes-witty-sometimes-retarded things. Kinda like or, but changed up a little. I dunno.. I like it.
  • - if you're feeling creative and need inspiration to start off a short story or need some material to start off a poem.... or you just like to look at random shit found on the ground, go here. its just a collection of notes and pictures and stuff people find that's been dropped, thrown away, left behind, whatever. Some are really funny, some sad, some random. good times.
  • - just.... go. The site is called "emails from an asshole" for a reason. But you'll laugh your ass off.
This should keep you fairly entertained while you don't do that reading for that one class. Or write that paper. You did pretty good to get your computer up and going, but you messed up the "research" part. I don't think I'm a very credible source, but if you'd like to use foundmagazine as a reference, make sure you tell your professor you found it from me. I'm not sure how to work that into MLA format, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

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