Tuesday, September 7, 2010

rainy day post

I don't really know what it is about rain, but it always brings mixed feelings. I know I promised to be more up beat, but I'm just not feeling it right now. So, uh.... sorry. I guess. If you want up beat, boy do I have some blogs for you. But this isn't gonna be one of them right now.

I think this rain is really bringing me down for a lot of reasons. It's so dark and dreary, for one. No rainbows with this one. No sun at all, really. I woke up kinda late, expecting all this sunlight to come bursting through my window when I opened up the blinds, but it was just as dark outside as it was in my room. It's still that dark, and it's just after 6 at night. Now it's only gonna get darker.

This is also the first time it's been hardcore rain here on campus for me. I'm not used to walking to class in pouring rain. With wind. I'll tell you something. It's not fun. To top it off, when you finally get where you're going, they have the AC cranked, because in all technicality, its still summer, so suddenly you're wet and freezing. Being wet outside was bad, but at least it wasn't cold. So then I got to sit through an hour and a half class, drenched, in the freezing cold room. Then I got to do the same thing again. A joyful day, indeed.

Best part? I knew it was gonna be cold inside, so I wore jeans. I didn't think it through too well. Jeans turn into ice cubes that stick to your legs like duct tape when they're wet, as luck would have it. Second, I did know it was raining, and I hate having to let my shoes dry, so I grabbed some flip flops. Also a bad choice. My feet dried off during class, but that didn't warm them up in the slightest. Plus, I managed to get my feet all dirty en route because apparently in Waco, one inch of rain really means about five. There was a new river that engulfed 4th street that I never knew existed, and many of the quads and malls are actually lakes in disguise. Of course, I waited until I absolutely had to leave, so I didn't leave any time to find other routes, so on I trudged through the lakes and white water rapids.

I did manage to grab a rain coat, so my mac stayed dry under it, but somehow, my spiral got water. Paper and water and ink, oh my. These things just don't mix very well. We figured out centuries ago that ink and paper actually go together very well, but that third ingredient really ruins it all. On the bright side, I think I can salvage the notes enough to rewrite them in a fresh spiral.

Anyway, so after classes, I did something completely awesome. I changed into dry clothes, found an amazing armchair and hot chocolate, and sat down and read. (The fact that the reading was more court opinions for Constitutional Development isn't important. It was better than walking to another class) The only things that could have made it better were having something slightly more entertaining than court opinions, a longer battery on my computer, and mini marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

But that was some pretty good hot chocolate. I was fairly impressed.

I hate a million other things to talk about, but I hate writing novel-posts, so they can wait.

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