Monday, September 13, 2010

Today in American Contitutional Development.

Let me just quickly describe Mr. Eccentric today:

He has a water theme going. His pants would be normal today, were it not for the random quarter-sized dolphins covering them every 5 or 6 inches. His shirt is a nice light blue... nothing too special, unless you'd like to equate it to water. His tie is a clashing blue, and has a nice penguin on it, with a pleasant antarctic scenery.

This man is crazy.

(Oh, and he has black shoes and a brown belt. Go him.)

Yes, I ignored class to write this. Oh well.

Edit: He corrected us. They aren't dolphins. They're swordfish. "If you think is weird, I'm just getting started."

He understands. That's a good thing I guess. He just told us to go google the book, "True Prep", and find chapter 3. I don't know. Don't hold me responsible for anything you find.

I should really try to pay attention now.

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