Friday, September 10, 2010

Parents Weekend. Goodie.

Hey everyone, guess what?


...and if you happen to be reading this on any of the other six days, please hang up and try again in a few days. Because then it will be


I have my own shirt reserved for Fridays. It has a smiley face on it. Fridays are awesome. Fridays are even more awesome now that I'm in college, because I only have one class on Friday, and its a short one in the afternoon. So its kinda like having a three day weekend every week, except all my friends are still suffering, so I don't really have anything to do but study or sleep.

And I sure can sleep a lot.

Anyway, this Friday marks the beginning of Parents Weekend 2010 here at B Town. I think just seeing parents in Penland's hallways raised my stress level 2 points on a scale of 10. They were looking at one of the maps we all don't see anymore, looking really lost and confused. It's like when I went to New York over the summer.. We stayed in Brooklyn, where all the regulars are, and we got used to them. Then we went to Manhattan for a day and had to put up with all the tourists. I really hate tourists, and I don't even live there. In all technicality, I was a tourist, but I felt like after a week I had figured out where a lot of things were, how to work the subway system... those kinds of things. Apparently, some people hadn't been there that long. Or are just idiots.... Sorry, I'm rambling now. Moral of the story, I hate people that are out of place. Tourists in NY or just parents in a dorm.

Or parked across 2 spots in Penland's parking lot. They are really out of place. They actually should probably just stay off campus, because they obviously don't understand the limitations of Baylor parking. (The bird box mentioned in the link? It's... uh.... taken care of)

In any case, yes, my parents will be joining the Great Migration of Parents on Saturday morning. I don't see why Baylor has it this early. We just said 'bye' 3 weeks ago. They should really think about having it right about the time the moms are thinking about buying that new cat or taking in that exchange student. Or if nothing else... the middle of the semester. Not three weeks in. I just got away from them. DISTANCE makes the heart grow fonder. Not Parents Day.

I can see it now...
Kyle, clean up your room.
Kyle, make your bed!
Kyle, is that your towel on the ground?
I like the rug, Kyle, but ITS DIRTY.
Why is your desk so messy?
This TV looks like a distraction, Kyle.
You need to clean this sink, Kyle.
Kyle, look. Your mother is cleaning your sink. Don't let her do that! Go help!
Oh, and we're taking the TV home.

......okay, thanks for coming, mom, dad.... see you for Fall you too.

This is my fear. This is also only a slight exaggeration of reality.

I guess I'll tell you how it turns out... if I live.

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