Wednesday, September 15, 2010

just talking... i don't really think there's a subject

Alrighty, so. Here we are again.....

First off, I'd really like to apologize for that last post. It was that awkward part of class where you get there kinda early and people are just sitting around doing nothing.... except - in this case - staring at our awkward professor. Or grad student. Or whatever he is up there in the awkward clothing talking about our government. I figured I was as bored as anyone, and saw that nifty little blogspot button at the top of my browser and thought how awesome it would be to make a short note of it! Ah ha!

Well it didn't work out quite as awesomely (its definitely a word) as I'd hoped... it turned out really rushed, since he started class just after that, and really...unlike what I usually post.

Then he actually commented on his absurd pants (which I would choose over the pin-striped pink pants he had today...) and I couldn't help going back and fixing it, since now I REALLY had something awesome to talk about.... and just couldn't wait to blog about? I don't understand why I didn't just make a little note of it and come back and tell the world about it that night. It wouldn't have been horribly difficult to remember. So yeah, sorry about that wayward post.

This is actually the first post I think I've written in a coffee shop. It's a little cliche, I know. Writing in a coffee shop... No one does that. This fine little establishment is called Common Grounds. Clever pun, don't you think? Well, despite the pun of a name, it's a cool place. I've been here every day this week.

Now it's borderline pitiful. But it's a great place to study, there's music, sometimes live music out back, and coffee. And they don't close until 1 am, which is another essential for a good study spot. So, recap - nice place, food, bathroom, air conditioning, music, late hours, and caffeine. What else do you need in a study place? That's right, nothing. Except maybe quiet every once in a while, but that's where the library comes in and takes over. I guess I'm not much of a quiet study person. I study best in groups or at least somewhere with other people. Maybe it's accountability? I feel the need to study to show people I can? I don't know, honestly. How about some reader response? What's your favorite way to study?

I don't mean to sound needy or anything. Comments are nice though... I dunno why. It's like getting a letter in the mail as opposed to an email or a text or something. Don't lie, you know you like getting letters, as long as they aren't the cliche birthday or graduation cards, but with out any money inside. Letters just seem more.... personal. Like someone really cared enough to take the time to sit and write a letter, then put forth that effort to mail it. It's not a lot, and I'm not sure why it makes me feel so awesome, but it does.

Like I got a letter from my best friend a few days ago, and it was awesome. I love her hand writing. (and for Anna, who's reading this right now, not that this is new news to you or anything, but I still love your handwriting.) Ever since I sat next to her in 8th grade science and copied her notes, I've loved her awesome handwriting... so easy to read, even when she uses that light blue pen or that green or purple or whatever else she had that year in her pencil bag. Those were some good times. In that class, we had a whole bunch of tables with those gross lab chairs and some regular horrible chairs, and then we had 2 huge arm chairs that reclined. She and I claimed those pretty much every day. It also meant I got to borrow a fun color for notes. And get to know her, which had to be the highlight of my life so far.

As much as I'd love to tell you all about my middle school years, I have my first college test tomorrow, and I'm here at Common Grounds to study, believe it or not, so I'd better stop writing this and go study something. Wish me luck :)

...I'll tell you all about the test next time, no worries.


  1. this is me. commenting. but i won't say what i'm thinking. cause it's not publicly appropriate. and it's meddling. :P