Monday, December 19, 2011

All alone in Waco..

It's raining like crazy outside, and its annoying. I think this is God's way of punishing Texans that complain about severe droughts. I think I'd be pretty okay with it, if the rain didn't leak into my kitchen from under my back door. The best part is that I got to walk half a mile in it because of a basketball game.

School's out, so the band members that play at the basketball games get paid $50 a game as incentive to show up. And walk through a down pour. I'm scheduled for 4 games, so I'm making pretty good money just by chilling in Waco and watching basketball games (without having to buy a ticket). Plus, it works out as a great excuse not to go home. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents. It's just easier to love them from a distance.

On the flip side, now that everyone got around to leaving (if they aren't playing at the basketball games for cash), college got boring. No one is here, there's nothing to do. I filled up my Saturday by cleaning and taking care of laundry and dishes and stuff. God knows I could spend another 48 hours straight cleaning this hell hole of an apartment, but whatever. Luckily, tomorrow will be better. Tim and my brother (and anyone else they can get) are coming down to Waco late tomorrow and staying for a day and a half, then we're all booking it home for Christmas.

...but for now, its back to facebook, stumbleupon, netflix, and whatever else the internet has to offer. Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 12, 2011

This has been sitting in a tab for 3 days, forgotten. That's how organized I am right now. Enjoy it for what its worth, I guess.


Hello, friends. Or not friends. Or whatever our relationship is.

Right, well. It was brought to my attention that I haven't been updating this thing lately.


uh... maybe I should put this more delicately. I've been busy. It's finals season. I've been dealing with burns. I've been hanging out with that girl I can't have. A lot. And most importantly, I've been actually having a life, and sleeping all the other times.

So you see, this blog, while it's important to me, has taken the back burner lately. Would you like to know what I'm doing with my dead days before finals? TOO BAD I'M TELLING YOU ANYWAY.

So yesterday, I bought pink skinny jeans. Just because I could. It's an interesting conversational piece, if anything, and they make people stare at me awkwardly, which is always fun. Can't wait to see what my parents say when they see me in these things. I was actually in the mall looking for a tacky christmas sweater, since all the goodwills are clean out of them. (ALL of the goodwills. I tried 6.) But I didn't really find a good one, so I have a less good tacky christmas shirt that was veeery cheap (yes, Tim).

After the trip to the mall I went to a rush even with my fraternity and had gut paks (god bless Vitek's), and then I went home and.... I don't remember. Oh wait, then I went to a review session, then tried some more goodwills, then played basketball with some brothers, then went and hung out with some neighbors until some time... the night started getting fuzzy and I don't remember much of it...there was a super nintendo and How I Met Your Mother somewhere in there.

 Then I went home and fell asleep. Pretty successful dead day, if you ask me.

Today won't be as awesome. I need to actually start studying, but I've promised myself to clean the damn apartment and my room before I study. And maybe wash the dog. He needs it. This cleaning thing could very well take all day. Mostly on my room. It's such a disaster. But the kitchen is pretty bad too. I can't really get to my sink...
And while that doesn't look so bad, I've already done a load of dishes prior to that picture. And I haven't gotten the dishes from around the apartment, which may double that pile. That'll take a while.

Not to mention my laundry, which I need to do, since it looks like I'm not going home until the 22nd. That's for a different post though.