Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day weekend is over

Happy Labor Day everyone. All, uh, five of you that are still around. It's whatever; this blog was never about you. It was always for me. A personal little diary that is completely open for the public to read if they feel inclined.

So let me tell you about the weekend. It was basically how I predicted it, plus some things, minus some things. Denton, check. Friday afternoon pool party, full college kids I didn't know and rampant day drinking. Pair that with a six inch deep tanning part of the pool and a lounge chair and I was all set for a great Friday.

College football gets a half check. It was a blowout. We demolished the other team. But after driving 140 miles, the guy who we went with decided that since it was a blowout, we should leave after halftime. And what do I do? I leave with him. He was my ride. I could have found another one. I should have. But I've never been able to say no to whatever the fuck he wants to do, so off we went, after I lied to all the friends in the stadium, saying we'll be right back. I was under the impression we were just going to get more beer, as it was half time and we were too sober. But then they caught me off guard and started leaving and whatever. Well, now I know for next weekend, but I'm still bummed that happened the way it did. But the party that night made up for it, though I remember very little of it. Good ol' college.

Sunday we drove up to Arlington for the Rangers game, which despite my fool proof predictions for the weekend, lost 4-2 and now we're wayyyy too close to the A's. But this isn't a sports blog and I'm not about to waste several paragraphs on that. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, but incredibly hot. Lucky for us, we were in the shade.

This morning was officially Labor Day, so naturally it was golfing day. Problem was, it was raining. We (my dad and I) decided this was no concern of ours, and it was only a drizzle, so we went ahead. I think we decided that was a mistake by the 4th hole, where it started really coming down. After taking shelter every once in a while under a tree somewhere, we managed to get through it. We were both soaked and slightly miserable, but considering everything, I had a pretty good game going on, so I can't complain too much. It was fun. I've never played where the hole was filled with water while you're trying to putt. It's, uh... interesting.

The rest of the day was a Castle marathon on TNT. Thank god we recorded them, because TNT has way too many commercials. It should be illegal how many they have, but we pretty much skipped all of them. And it still took the rest of the day (12 hours? More or less) to get through them.

And now here I am, back at home. Tomorrow I get to take Kim to the airport, but past that I don't have anything on my schedule. More TV I guess. Super exciting week lined up. It involves doing absolutely nothing for the last time in my life until I retire.

I think it's really starting to hit me that after this week, I'm going to work for most of the rest of my life. Getting another week like this will be one hell of a treat. And I don't think there's any way I can't take it for granted. I'm too excited to start working. I'm too bored at home. Everyone else is off doing things. This week is just another week without anything to do. But I should be enjoying it.

Why can't I just be happy with things. I always find the downside, don't I? I know what the upside is and how I should be feeling, and then for some reason I'm never feeling that. Oh well.