Thursday, April 28, 2011


forgot to mention!

I GOT THE JOB at the movie theater, so that's gonna be a blast for a joyful $7.25 an hour. It's only kinda for the money. I don't need a lot. I just need an income. It's more so I don't die of boredom in Coppell this summer, and so I can see Haley all the time. I hope it works out for me.

It also means I have to go home AGAIN. for the 4th freaking weekend in a row. I have to fill out paper work and stuff. But it's only for a night. I have to be back in Waco Saturday night for KPsi/TBS formal, and then Sunday for meeting and a band concert. Busy weekend. Again. Oh boy.

Anyway, right now I gotta go to a garden reception 'honoring my academic achievements'.... I need scholarship money, and that's where they'll be, so that's where I'm going.

all and all... not so bad.

So.. finals. They are coming. There's no stopping them.

Last day of class is tomorrow. I can't believe I'm a 4th of the way through those "best years of my life" that everyone talks about.

I think I made the most of this year. I firmly believe that, even though I had some rough patches. I did good in school the first semester, I joined an awesome organization that's going to keep me sane for the next 3 years, I learned a lot about business (as anticipated, I guess), I made awesome friends, and most importantly of all, survived freshman year.

I can say I survived a dorm room for a whole year. I can say I survived freaking BUS1301. I survived pledging. I did so many things that are kinda landmark freshman things that people look back and say "god it was fun, but I'm so glad I don't ever have to do that again."

I'm moving on up in the college world, and I want the rest of it to last as long as it can. I'm sure my near future posts will be "procratsinating.....again", or "finals SUCK SO HARD" and "KILL ME NOW I HATE SCHOOL", and other things that aren't nearly as optimistic as this post, but right now, I'm okay. So... don't worry about my sanity or my well being when I'm typing up my hatred of finals and school and Baylor and life... I'm just gonna be really stressed, then it'll be okay by next, next monday afternoon.

Until then, good luck with finals everyone! (and for you poor high schoolers... good luck with that last 5 weeks of school and THEN finals) Toodles.

Monday, April 18, 2011

looking ahead..

I'm getting pretty excited about this weekend. It's Easter weekend; everyone I know from home will be there. Or at least most of them. And what will a lot of us be doing? Well not Easter things, but I really don't think any of us care. My friend has a dad that flies cargo planes internationally for a living, which means he's not at his house a bunch. Which means Friday night just got a million times more awesome, especially when you add in the fact that I have friends that are over 21 that would be happy to help me out.

Being underage really sucks, but it's only for a few more years, and I've found ways around it pretty easily.

On another note, I only have 7 more days of classes, then finals, then summer! I'm still looking towards that job interview on Thursday, but just to be safe I applied for a local restaurant too. To be really honest, I only applied for a few reasons, the main one being when I went there last Friday, all the waitresses were very attractive. I looked around and said, 'yeah, I could work with this,' and then saw the now hiring sign. Why not. (The other reasons are that it probably pays better and has more reasonable hours than a movie theatre) 

So, question of the day. Which degrading summer job do I want? Waiter or theatre crew?

Friday, April 15, 2011


So Baylor has a holiday of its own called Diadeloso. For all of you who never managed to take spanish in high school, that's "Day of the Bear" crammed into one word. They cancel class, there's an all day concert, there are competitions between organizations in basketball, tug of war, dodgeball, volleyball, and a million other things. But the most awesome part of Dia is that Baylor, for one day, turns its head away from alcohol and just pretends it doesn't exist. 10th street turns into a madhouse. Any time of the day on Dia you'll find hundreds of drunk people partying on 10th street. I'm talking like, 2 in the afternoon, and they'll all be drunk until they pass out somewhere. The cops just circle around the mob, knowing they can't really do anything. I almost felt bad for them, but ended up laughing at them.

Dia was yesterday. I avoided 10th street for the most part, but stayed inebriated all day just the same with a bunch of friends. This was all after the toga party the night before. I even drank in a dorm room full of people and loud music. Not the smartest idea, but I'm not in jail and I don't have a ticket, so it's all good. Now that it's all said and done, boy did I have a headache this morning. It went away surprisingly fast, but it was definitely there during class. On the bright side, my 8 and 9 am classes were canceled, so I only had my 10:10 class and then I was done.

I'm going home this weekend, but only for a little bit - like, just for Friday night and Saturday. I have to be back at Baylor Sunday afternoon, so I can't just chill at home the whole weekend. I'm going home for a few reasons. One, my brother is having his Eagle Project tomorrow. He's building a bunch of bookshelves for a middle school (unless he changed.. I'm pretty sure that's what he's doing). The other reason is to start moving crap out of my dorm room. The year is winding down, and I don't get to move into my apartment until the 27th of May. So there's this awkward 3 weeks where there's no where to put my stuff in Waco, so I get to drag it all home just to drag it all back 20 days later. But today I'm starting to pack some of it up into my car.... mostly just all the stuff I haven't touched all year. Things like this random Superman Halloween costume, or this hula skirt, or, sadly, my guitar. The guitar gets played some, but I'm just not in my room often enough, and it takes up so much space that it's just gotta go early.

I'm really excited about the next weekend too, because I have summer school to sign up for, but more importantly I have a job interview on Thursday night! Yayyy. Hopefully that goes well and I get a job working with one of my best friends from high school. It'll be an awesome summer if that happens (yes because I'm working with Haley and making money, but also because it means I'll make friends that are 21 and older back home. Always a good idea to have some where ever you go)

The puppy's doing well. It looks like he's staying in Waco until the end of school, because he has to go back to the vet in a few weeks and get another round of shots. Taylor got busted for harboring animal fugitives without paying the pet deposit, so I dunno what's going to happen. Berkley might have to go home early. We'll see.

Yep. That's all the stuff in my life right now. Peace.

*PS, happy 100th post to me. I hope the next hundred happen a lot faster. :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on...

So great news! My parents are (however reluctantly) letting me keep Berkley. My dad told me straight up that he doesn't want me to keep him and he will in no way be paying a cent for the dog. My mom loves him and didn't want to give him back. I took him back to waco because he needed to get some health things done, and its super cheap here. Kinda like car inspections. A $40 car inspection in dallas county is $14.50 here, but my dad doesn't really know that, so in a way, he IS paying for Berk's shots.

But yeah, this past weekend was awesome, but really really hard on me, what with a combined 3 hours of sleep over the 2 days and then a bunch of homework and an 8 am class. But I'm much better now, after a good night's sleep and a buttload of coffee. We stayed up all night just talking... and gambling at the casino down the road, but that only lasted until 2 or 3. I only made about 10 bucks, but I consider that a successful night at the casino that's designed to make you poor.

School sucks more and more now that spring fever is really starting to hit hard. I checked my finals schedule and I didn't realize this all year, but I have 3 2 hour finals back to back to back on a friday. So much for fun fun fun fun. That sucks so hard, and I hope there's a way to get at least one of them moved. I guess we'll see.

Speaking of schedules, I know yall don't particularly care, but here's my successful registration results...

That there at the bottom is marching band. I don't know why they always insist on having it during the hottest part of the Texas summer day, but I love it anyway. It actually went really smoothly. This is the second time I got all the classes I asked for, and that doesn't happen a lot here. I competed for one of two spots and got one. Yay dean's list.

So that's life right now. Berkley is chillin at Taylor's for another week, then I'm taking him home next weekend, and I'll be at home to help with my brother's Eagle project that he's FINALLY getting around to. It's only been in the works for about a year and a half now.

I'll be back soon, I do hope. And sorry if my title's been used before... I can't remember if I've used it, but I'm sure someone else has. That song's just been stuck in my head all day, so yeah. See ya.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

baylor is dumb sometimes.

So Baylor signs up for classes by seniority and merit. If you're really smart - like, 3.7 cumulative GPA, you're considered as being on the 'dean's list', and essentially the only good part about that is that you sign up for classes a day earlier than the rest of your class. I brought in a ridiculous amount of credit, so I have enough hours to be considered a sophomore, and I'm on the deans list this semester.

So that means I sign up somewhere in the middle, above the normal sophomores, deans list freshmen, and regular freshmen. Well, a lot of good that does, when you're taking 5 junior level classes. I made the perfect schedule about 3 days ago. Not too early, not too late, a nice lunch break, plenty of time between class and band practice, all the good teachers... it was ideal. Now it's all blown to shit. The juniors just absolutely attacked the selection, and now I have to settle for the "8am class with sporadic breaks, eventually ending at 3:20, with just enough time to book it over to the practice field for band" schedule. If I'm lucky. The new schedule has some classes that only have one or two spots left. This is ridiculous. I thought I was getting a good deal by being on the fucking deans list. It doesn't do shit.

On a brighter note, after I get done with stupid registration, and then a test (complete with essays) at 8 in the freaking morning, and then a couple more classes, I get to go home with a puppy! And then go to convention! It's gonna be a blast. I really hope Berkley behaves himself in front of dad. I'll tell you guys about it in a few days. I don't think I'll have the time to write this weekend. Maybe if I get really bored tomorrow night.... I dunno. Don't expect anything.

I guess I get to go back to studying for a communications test now... sad day.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I can't think of a title. gimme a break, its two in the morning

Hey guys, so Taylor's okay. When she fainted, she was too tired to move or talk or anything, she was just kinda rag doll-ish. She was conscious and thinking fine, but she couldn't really express any of that, so they took her to the hospital. They released her around 10 and I kept her company for awhile while she still couldn't lift anything or do much. She's been kinda sick and weak all day today, but she's pretty much better now, which is good. She hasn't been getting lots of sleep because of the puppies; they're kinda like babies... you sleep when they sleep, and they don't sleep all night by any means. But they're still adorable and worth keeping around. The doctors don't really know what's wrong with her. The CT scan and the EKG didn't show anything bad, so that's good, but we still don't know what the heck is up. I really think it'd be a relief to find out what is wrong, even if it's pretty bad. Oh well... episode over for now.

On another topic, I get to go to district convention this weekend for KKΨ! That should be fun and interesting... I don't really know what to expect, having never been before, but everyone in the fraternity that's going is really excited, so my hopes are kinda up for it. I just took a 5 hour car ride to and from Corpus this last weekend, so I'm not really looking forward to the 4 hour road trip to OU, but it'll be fun anyway. I'm leaving in the morning and going home since it's on the way, and some friends that are driving up that night are picking me up on the way. The reason I'm going home for that 10 ish hours is so Berkley (my puppy. yes he has a name now) can come home with me. We'll see how that goes over with the parents, I guess. My new plan if they really really don't want to keep him is to see if I can get Ethan to take him, so he still gets to be in my apartment next year, because that would be so legit.

But yeah, I have class in 6 hours, so I think I should probably try to sleep. That triple grande no whip caramel white mocha at 11 o'clock was probably a bad idea.

ONE OTHER THING. The weather here is nuts. Once again, only in Texas can you find weather this sporadic. Tonight's low is like, 50. In 2 days, the high is in the low 90s. That's just marginally better than the forecast a few days ago. They thought the low tonight would be 33 and the high on Saturday was going to be 96. What kind of place has a possibility of a 60 degree spread in 4 days. I love Texas, but that's just a bit ridiculous. Anyway, rant over. Good night everyone. (Or morning, or afternoon... whenever you're reading this. heh.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

puppies and hospitals.

Hey everyone,
the puppies are doing awesome. They're playing and falling all over themselves like real puppies now. They love to chew on things and play with each other instead of sitting around emotionless and lethargic. So that's good, but it means they need even more attention now.

On the flip side of things, my fraternal big sister, the one watching the puppies, was rushed to the ER a couple hours ago.. she fainted during band and was unresponsive apparently. I haven't heard the whole story, and I don't know what's going on. She's more than my big sister; she's one of the best friends I have here at Baylor, and I'm really worried for her. She's been having weird problems for awhile now and I don't know if this is related, but my gut feeling is that it is, even though the other problems are with her vision. Sometimes she has to stay in bed all day because any light hurts her eyes, she loses vision in one of them every once in awhile... that sort of thing. But this is bad. Like I said, I don't really know what's going on, and I'm relying on her best friend who's at the hospital with her to give me updates.

Since she has two puppies at her apartment, it looks like I get to puppy sit until she gets back, and right now that could be 20 minutes or a few days. I have no idea. So here I sit, taking care of puppies and doing homework in her room. I'll be sure to update you guys, just so you know the end of the story.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So this weekend I went with some friends down to Corpus Christi. Yeah, of course we went to the beach. It's kinda a must if you drive 5 hours to the coast. But more importantly, we were saving puppies.

I really don't have words to describe how adorable these puppies are. They're 6 week old schnauzers. Now there are just two of them, but we started with 3.  My big sister from Tau Beta Sigma has a little sister in TBS who's from Corpus and has a boy friend who still lives there. His family is awful. They are horrible people and I hate them from the deepest part of my heart. They had two full bred schnauzers, and these little guys came from them. After mom and dad doggie shot out dogs, they kicked them out of the house. The guy dog is almost for sure dead, and Silver, the mom, is in really bad shape. She still hangs out around the house, but they don't feed her or anything. She has awful bunches in her fur and has this awful skin disease and sores and we're pretty sure she has heart worms... she'll be dead soon if they don't do anything, and I doubt they will. So these puppies have been living outside since birth, we have no idea what the hell they've been feeding them, if anything at all, and they offed dad and won't let them near their mom. It's horrible. So we saved them. They wanted 50 bucks a piece for these flee-infested, sick puppies with sores and scabs all over their bodies. We decided it was worth the money to save them. We found a home for one of them in Corpus, and my big sister's mom is taking another.

The third one had no home, until I came along. It took a lot of convincing, and some compromising, but I'm not done yet. I wanted that puppy. Because it's the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. My dad did NOT want that puppy. So I didn't talk to him. I talked to mom. I sent her pictures and told her the sob story written above. I got it to the point where they puppy is coming home with me, and then, as far as mom thinks right now, we're finding a home for it in Coppell. Now, if all goes according to my plan, this puppy's cuteness factor with overpower my mother and she won't be able to let go of it. As soon as dad sees it, maybe it'll change his mind too; he's a softy for animals, whether he wants to admit it or not. (In the spirit of optimism, I need puppy name suggestions! Comment, go!)

So I'll keep you updated on how the challenge to gain puppy ownership status goes. If it works, the puppy will be staying at my house for the rest of the school year and summer, then coming with me to my apartment, in a perfect world. My mom may not be okay with that last part, either because she'll be too attached to it or because it's 'too much of a distraction' or something. We'll see. Worst case scenario, we find it an awesome home in Coppell.

Puppy saving, check.