Friday, April 15, 2011


So Baylor has a holiday of its own called Diadeloso. For all of you who never managed to take spanish in high school, that's "Day of the Bear" crammed into one word. They cancel class, there's an all day concert, there are competitions between organizations in basketball, tug of war, dodgeball, volleyball, and a million other things. But the most awesome part of Dia is that Baylor, for one day, turns its head away from alcohol and just pretends it doesn't exist. 10th street turns into a madhouse. Any time of the day on Dia you'll find hundreds of drunk people partying on 10th street. I'm talking like, 2 in the afternoon, and they'll all be drunk until they pass out somewhere. The cops just circle around the mob, knowing they can't really do anything. I almost felt bad for them, but ended up laughing at them.

Dia was yesterday. I avoided 10th street for the most part, but stayed inebriated all day just the same with a bunch of friends. This was all after the toga party the night before. I even drank in a dorm room full of people and loud music. Not the smartest idea, but I'm not in jail and I don't have a ticket, so it's all good. Now that it's all said and done, boy did I have a headache this morning. It went away surprisingly fast, but it was definitely there during class. On the bright side, my 8 and 9 am classes were canceled, so I only had my 10:10 class and then I was done.

I'm going home this weekend, but only for a little bit - like, just for Friday night and Saturday. I have to be back at Baylor Sunday afternoon, so I can't just chill at home the whole weekend. I'm going home for a few reasons. One, my brother is having his Eagle Project tomorrow. He's building a bunch of bookshelves for a middle school (unless he changed.. I'm pretty sure that's what he's doing). The other reason is to start moving crap out of my dorm room. The year is winding down, and I don't get to move into my apartment until the 27th of May. So there's this awkward 3 weeks where there's no where to put my stuff in Waco, so I get to drag it all home just to drag it all back 20 days later. But today I'm starting to pack some of it up into my car.... mostly just all the stuff I haven't touched all year. Things like this random Superman Halloween costume, or this hula skirt, or, sadly, my guitar. The guitar gets played some, but I'm just not in my room often enough, and it takes up so much space that it's just gotta go early.

I'm really excited about the next weekend too, because I have summer school to sign up for, but more importantly I have a job interview on Thursday night! Yayyy. Hopefully that goes well and I get a job working with one of my best friends from high school. It'll be an awesome summer if that happens (yes because I'm working with Haley and making money, but also because it means I'll make friends that are 21 and older back home. Always a good idea to have some where ever you go)

The puppy's doing well. It looks like he's staying in Waco until the end of school, because he has to go back to the vet in a few weeks and get another round of shots. Taylor got busted for harboring animal fugitives without paying the pet deposit, so I dunno what's going to happen. Berkley might have to go home early. We'll see.

Yep. That's all the stuff in my life right now. Peace.

*PS, happy 100th post to me. I hope the next hundred happen a lot faster. :D

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