Thursday, April 28, 2011

all and all... not so bad.

So.. finals. They are coming. There's no stopping them.

Last day of class is tomorrow. I can't believe I'm a 4th of the way through those "best years of my life" that everyone talks about.

I think I made the most of this year. I firmly believe that, even though I had some rough patches. I did good in school the first semester, I joined an awesome organization that's going to keep me sane for the next 3 years, I learned a lot about business (as anticipated, I guess), I made awesome friends, and most importantly of all, survived freshman year.

I can say I survived a dorm room for a whole year. I can say I survived freaking BUS1301. I survived pledging. I did so many things that are kinda landmark freshman things that people look back and say "god it was fun, but I'm so glad I don't ever have to do that again."

I'm moving on up in the college world, and I want the rest of it to last as long as it can. I'm sure my near future posts will be "procratsinating.....again", or "finals SUCK SO HARD" and "KILL ME NOW I HATE SCHOOL", and other things that aren't nearly as optimistic as this post, but right now, I'm okay. So... don't worry about my sanity or my well being when I'm typing up my hatred of finals and school and Baylor and life... I'm just gonna be really stressed, then it'll be okay by next, next monday afternoon.

Until then, good luck with finals everyone! (and for you poor high schoolers... good luck with that last 5 weeks of school and THEN finals) Toodles.

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