Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I can't think of a title. gimme a break, its two in the morning

Hey guys, so Taylor's okay. When she fainted, she was too tired to move or talk or anything, she was just kinda rag doll-ish. She was conscious and thinking fine, but she couldn't really express any of that, so they took her to the hospital. They released her around 10 and I kept her company for awhile while she still couldn't lift anything or do much. She's been kinda sick and weak all day today, but she's pretty much better now, which is good. She hasn't been getting lots of sleep because of the puppies; they're kinda like babies... you sleep when they sleep, and they don't sleep all night by any means. But they're still adorable and worth keeping around. The doctors don't really know what's wrong with her. The CT scan and the EKG didn't show anything bad, so that's good, but we still don't know what the heck is up. I really think it'd be a relief to find out what is wrong, even if it's pretty bad. Oh well... episode over for now.

On another topic, I get to go to district convention this weekend for KKΨ! That should be fun and interesting... I don't really know what to expect, having never been before, but everyone in the fraternity that's going is really excited, so my hopes are kinda up for it. I just took a 5 hour car ride to and from Corpus this last weekend, so I'm not really looking forward to the 4 hour road trip to OU, but it'll be fun anyway. I'm leaving in the morning and going home since it's on the way, and some friends that are driving up that night are picking me up on the way. The reason I'm going home for that 10 ish hours is so Berkley (my puppy. yes he has a name now) can come home with me. We'll see how that goes over with the parents, I guess. My new plan if they really really don't want to keep him is to see if I can get Ethan to take him, so he still gets to be in my apartment next year, because that would be so legit.

But yeah, I have class in 6 hours, so I think I should probably try to sleep. That triple grande no whip caramel white mocha at 11 o'clock was probably a bad idea.

ONE OTHER THING. The weather here is nuts. Once again, only in Texas can you find weather this sporadic. Tonight's low is like, 50. In 2 days, the high is in the low 90s. That's just marginally better than the forecast a few days ago. They thought the low tonight would be 33 and the high on Saturday was going to be 96. What kind of place has a possibility of a 60 degree spread in 4 days. I love Texas, but that's just a bit ridiculous. Anyway, rant over. Good night everyone. (Or morning, or afternoon... whenever you're reading this. heh.)

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  1. I'm glad to hear your friend is okay. Puppy?! What did the parentals say? Nosy Cate is being nosy :]