Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on...

So great news! My parents are (however reluctantly) letting me keep Berkley. My dad told me straight up that he doesn't want me to keep him and he will in no way be paying a cent for the dog. My mom loves him and didn't want to give him back. I took him back to waco because he needed to get some health things done, and its super cheap here. Kinda like car inspections. A $40 car inspection in dallas county is $14.50 here, but my dad doesn't really know that, so in a way, he IS paying for Berk's shots.

But yeah, this past weekend was awesome, but really really hard on me, what with a combined 3 hours of sleep over the 2 days and then a bunch of homework and an 8 am class. But I'm much better now, after a good night's sleep and a buttload of coffee. We stayed up all night just talking... and gambling at the casino down the road, but that only lasted until 2 or 3. I only made about 10 bucks, but I consider that a successful night at the casino that's designed to make you poor.

School sucks more and more now that spring fever is really starting to hit hard. I checked my finals schedule and I didn't realize this all year, but I have 3 2 hour finals back to back to back on a friday. So much for fun fun fun fun. That sucks so hard, and I hope there's a way to get at least one of them moved. I guess we'll see.

Speaking of schedules, I know yall don't particularly care, but here's my successful registration results...

That there at the bottom is marching band. I don't know why they always insist on having it during the hottest part of the Texas summer day, but I love it anyway. It actually went really smoothly. This is the second time I got all the classes I asked for, and that doesn't happen a lot here. I competed for one of two spots and got one. Yay dean's list.

So that's life right now. Berkley is chillin at Taylor's for another week, then I'm taking him home next weekend, and I'll be at home to help with my brother's Eagle project that he's FINALLY getting around to. It's only been in the works for about a year and a half now.

I'll be back soon, I do hope. And sorry if my title's been used before... I can't remember if I've used it, but I'm sure someone else has. That song's just been stuck in my head all day, so yeah. See ya.

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  1. That's my theme song bro!
    And what is his Eagle Scout project?