Sunday, January 30, 2011

sneaky sneaky..

I feel sneaky, getting away from my homework to write this. But it's not like anyone is watching me. I'm sneaking away from myself. This week, I am doing no less than 30 hours of pledging activities, I have 3 tests that I should be studying for, and hours and hours of daily assignments and readings. Oh, and that whole 'going to class' thing. That too. Oh, and I nearly forgot all about sleeping and eating. You'd think blogging would take the back burner. Kinda like facebook. Or youtube.

But no, here I am, sneaking away to write this instead. Our pledge group has been pretty good about getting along, but today, our meeting kinda went long, some people stopped paying attention, we all were getting irritated... anyway, the first signs of disharmony started to shine through. I could definitely tell who's getting hit the hardest with this week's schedule... its the one's that were quietest during the meeting today. I can just see it. Their faces show their silent frustration and overwhelmed-ness. I have a new list of potential drop outs.

Pledging is not fun. It's fun when you look back on it, I hear, but right now, it's not fun.

But on the bright side, I think the hardest part of the week is over. Or second hardest, depending on how awful going 18 hours straight on Saturday ends up being. Scheduling is the worst, because there's so much to take into account, especially when you have 13 pledges and all the membership and all the separate schedules. Finding time when everyone has the same free 30 hours is just not too possible. But now its mostly all down to doing it, and the activities planned for most of those 30 hours are fun things.

Sorry if you find my talking about pledging KKψ to be boring or silly or pointless or anything else unpleasing, but its kinda my whole life right now, besides school, but who wants to hear about accounting, really? I'd much rather stick to something people don't do monotonously every day.

One good thing for the week: I'm having dinner with my KPsi big sister tomorrow :] she's making me... something. I told her to surprise me. I'm sure it'll be better than dorm food.

I just finished my caramel macchiato, so I'm ready to go do some religion homework and study for the stats, accounting, and communication tests.

...And this still isn't the hard week.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I wish I had a witty title, but I don't.

What I should be doing:
  • Freaking out about how much homework I have to do and how little time there is to do it.
  • Proceeding to start homework. 
  • FINISHING homework. 
What I'm actually doing right now:
  • Playing with silly putty. 
  • blogging about it. 
.....yep. fml. Time management, out the window. This sucks. For the past few days, I've felt so productive. When I needed to do homework, I had the will power to focus and get it done. Mostly because of the pressure of a busy schedule. Funny how that works, isn't it? Your schedule fills up, and suddenly you're able to do things faster, you're more productive, you're doing well at more things... but I think I finally cracked. I can only keep up that mature thing for so long before that little voice inside me demands that I pick up some silly putty and spend the LAST HOUR playing with it instead of reading my religion homework (don't forget, baptist university) and my accounting homework. The religion homework isn't technically due until Monday, but I have a new one every class, so you'd think the idea of doing them all together on Sunday would be enough to scare me away.... nope. So that'll probably get put off. The accounting.... hell if I know. It's due tomorrow. Whatever 'it' is. I'll have to look it up.

I'm falling - no, drowning - in everything I need to get done. The metaphorical water's just pushing in from all sides, getting in my ears and eyes and mouth, threatening to kill me. The surface is farther and farther away every day, but when I look down I realize how much worse it could get. But you know, the cool thing about drowning metaphors is that when you calm down and step back, you realize you can feel completely weightless and close your eyes and be completely cut off from the world. You can have bliss. But you're too damn busy freaking out to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Because how bad could drowning be, really?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

stupid internet.

This is gay. I love firefox, but sometimes it just messes up. Right now, it won't let me get to facebook. I can open up Safari and get there, but it keeps freezing and not loading the page on firefox. And it's ONLY facebook. I don't understand. Firefox, why aren't we friends anymore? We used to be such good buddies...

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Just to get back on my facebook 'happy birthday' comment soapbox... today I passed a girl that wished me happy birthday on facebook. We were the only two around; she wasn't distracted or anything, and yet she didn't even say hi, much less happy birthday. She passed by me as if she had no idea who I was. Given, the last time we talked was about a month ago, before I got my haircut, but all the same. Point proven. The final count was about 80 "happy birthday"s, from the most random people.

The flip side of that is that some of the people who commented to tell me happy birthday legitimately meant it, and I know who they are; they're the people reading this, texting me, talking to me on a regular basis, etc. and they're awesome and I have nothing against them wishing me happy birthday on facebook - yes, even when they post it in 10 comments in a row.

But seriously. If I met you that one time during freshman orientation... don't bother wishing me happy birthday on facebook. It's stupid.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Farewell, friends.

Hey everyone,

So I was a little mad at Tim. I'm better now. He's off back to Kansas (into the snow and ice and highs-in-the-twenties, so I'm okay with Kansas winning a stupid basketball game... lol), and I need to mail him a computer charger so he can read this eventually.

Now to the main point: my life is GONE. Starting this week (really next week, but it's already begun), I'm pledging KKY, and that means my entire February is basically gone. When I'm not doing homework or going to class, I'll be doing activities for KKY, and in the unlikely event I'm not doing either of those, I'm sleeping. If I'm not doing that, I may even get a chance to eat.

With that in mind, my faithful followers, I may be quite absent next month, as I'm not supposed to talk about the happenings of KKY in too much detail during the 5 weeks of MEP (member education program. The new, politically correct way to say pledge program, since it has such a bad connotation. Similarly, we are "membership candidates, not pledges), and that's pretty much all I'll be doing. Add in the fact that I just won't physically have time to blog, and I'm at a month long stand still, until the last day of MEP, which is February 27.

But don't feel especially ignored. I told my family that I wouldn't be speaking to them much either. I'll be telling most of my friends to assume me dead for the month of February too. I'm seriously going to be getting something like 4 hours of sleep a night, if I stay off of blogspot, youtube, and facebook.

So, consider this my farewell for a short time. I'll post when I can, but that will be far less often than you or I would like. I'll talk about anything interesting that goes on outside of KKY, but I just don't think much of anything will be going on outside of KKY, so.... yeah. Good times. It's said to be "the most fun thing you'll ever do that you'll never want to do again." I'll take that in stride along with my hard 17 hour class schedule.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Righto, so please excuse the self-invited guest post by Tim... speaking of whom...

He went home. He 'forgot' his computer charger. I'm slightly convinced he left it here on purpose, so he could have an excuse to come back. Not for his friends, mind you. Not even because he loves Baylor that much. No, he's wanting to come back for a undeniably attractive girl he has no chance with.

Oh, right, you read this Tim... sorry to burst your bubble, buddy. But lets look at the facts. She lives in Texas, south of Waco. You live in... well, where do you live, Tim? You either live in Kansas, Florida, or Dallas. Assuming you live in Dallas, in a best case scenario, you're still hours away from her - two, at least, assuming she's at Baylor. Long distance, you say. It could work, of course! But... long distance relationships have a history, more times than not. Anna and me? We've been best friends for a longggg while now. We became friends in 8th grade. We didn't meet 24 hours before we were hours away from each other.

Now, as to not leave the other 16 ish people out, I'll go back to my conventional 1st person. (Have you ever read a book written in 2nd person? It's slightly bizarre to be addressed during a book, but kinda awesome at the same time.) I'm glad I got to see Tim. It was such a fun time. But when I needed to sit down and really study, the idea of having Tim there suddenly became more of a burden than the awesomeness it was when we were at the game or whatever during the rest of the weekend.

Then he teamed up with my Baylor best friend and it just got annoying. They were so busy having their own little fun being together against me that I really don't think they noticed how much fun I wasn't having. How stressed I was. How tired I was. How pissed off I was.

(I've done this before, where I expressed feelings on here, exposing them to the people I should probably tell before posting this.... oh well. Sorry, Tim. I should know better than to spring this on you like this...)

Anyway, its dinner time, my friends. I must away.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tim was here.

Hello dear blog-people, this might be me, or maybe someone else. Just saying its a possibility. ;P
Anyways, I would just like to rant about how Super Mario is a pretty difficult game! Gah, I can do CoD, although not very well I admit, but Super Mario is supa tough! GAh! Maybe I just need more practice. Practice, practice, practice!  :D

Oh, so I met this really attractive girl yesterday. Hopefully I will get to see her again before I go back to Dallas, and from there to Kansas. I mean! Baylor, right. So I really like Baylor, it feels more homey. I don't know if its because I have more and closer friends here or what, but its pretty nice. Plus the trumpet professor is pretty awesome.
Oops, I got distracted, the really attractive girl. We had a nice conversation last night too when we were walking back to the dorm I was temporarily staying in. I mean! living in. :P

Anyways! He is about to find out I'm typing on his blog! :O Better post it now!! :D

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A proper status update.

Hey everyone! I see a few new, followers. Excellent, excellent.

So yeah. I'm in a green mood. Don't judge.

It's still the weekend. Tomorrow will still be the weekend too. I'm enjoying that, considering today was nonexistent. I woke up at noon, rushed to get ready in 15 minutes to go to lunch with KPsi and then to formal interviews. (uh, if you haven't heard, I'm trying to get into the band service fraternity. The actual process started today) What happened next was one by one interviews over the course of 4 ish hours. So what do the other 12 of us do while we wait? Apples to Apples and Mafia. Pretty much what every group does when there's nothing else to do. I can think of so many better ways to do those interviews that don't leave you bored out of your mind for hours, but whatever. Not my call I guess. 

Tonight there's more stuff. All they said was 'dress warmly' and told me to be in my room at a certain time. It's sounding more and more like every other band-run initiation. I guess we'll see, huh?

Tim's in town. That's kinda awesome. I can't remember if I mentioned this convenience already, but one of my roommates went to Kansas for the weekend, so Tim even has a bed to sleep in. He brought me my birthday present, which was delicious... but also the reason I had trouble waking up at noon. So worth it.

Uhhhhh, I don't really have that much to say tonight, since I haven't really DONE anything today except wait in a little room in the music building... with Tim here, I'm pretty much ignoring all of my homework, which is copious and quite intimidating, so it looks like that's my birthday present to myself: procrastinated homework. Party. Speaking of my birthday, there's one thing I hate about it: getting all those 'happy birthday!' wall posts on facebook from people who never talk to you. It's worse than saying 'I love you' in a text. It's so dumb. And it just gives you a billion notifications. I guess I'm just not big on digital attention (then why have a blog, Kyle? Excellent question, my friends. I don't know). If I survive my birthday, I'm sure I'll have another post in a day or two about something.. I'll get thinking on that one.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

happy weekend!

FINALLY. Geez, it took long enough to get here, huh? Maybe it's just because during break, it felt like those three weeks went by at light speed. Now we've just slowed back down and it feels like each week takes FOREVER.

Or maybe its because I'm only sleeping a few hours a night, instead of somewhere around 12, so the week really IS longer for me.

I've now taken classes from 11 to 2 (last semester) and 8 to 12 (this semester) and I can tell you... I want my late classes back! Sleep is so nice. Yeah, it cuts your day short, but it's so worth it. Some people like the wake up and get them out of the way approach.... I can see where they're coming from, and I do like some things about my schedule, but if I had a choice, the later ones win.

So those are the two extremes... what about middle ground? Like, a good 9 or 10 AM class every day... yeah, that may be even better. Wouldn't know though, so I can't really comment.

Sorry I talk so much about school. I'd bitch about the weather some more, but its like, 50 and raining, so we're pretty much back to normal there. (okay, I went and looked... today we have a high of 46 and a low tonight of 45. Oddly confined temperature for Texas...) I guess since its really the only thing in my life right now, there's not much else to talk about. This whole week has just been school, eat, homework, eat, homework, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Every day.

I do have one thing of note. I've been obsessed with a few youtube videos lately. If you have some spare time, go look up MarbleHornets. He has a youtube account called marble hornets, but I'd suggest going to Flamerockproductions' playlist of the videos, since 15 of them aren't on his account.

The second one is EverymanHYBRID. Same kinda topic as marblehornets, kinda. Its a lot more in depth. Whereas marblehornets only has two youtubes and a twitter, marblehornets has three or four youtubes, excluding important videos submitted by various viewers, a couple twitters (three I think), a blog, a ustream... and a few other things I think... they're so spread out on the internet. Luckily, they have links to most of the stuff out there, and there's a wiki to help you keep up with everything. But it takes hours and hours, if you want it to. I got really into it.

The last one is TribeTwelve. Another slender man series, just like the other two. I'm pretty sure these are all three of the slender man stories out there, but if you find more, I'm so up for them. TribeTwelve isn't as good as the others, but definitely has its pluses. At the moment, he only has one youtube, a formspring, and one twitter... I think. I'm not sure anymore.

Anyway, so I've been wasting my life away on youtube and school. That pretty much sums it up. I hope all of you have been being at least slightly more productive! This weekend is a little change in the eat sleep school schedule.. my friend Tim is coming down from Dallas before he goes back to school in Kansas. Baylor and Kansas play each other on Monday night (we'll probably lose.. Kanasas' men's basketball team is #3 or something ridiculous like that... but don't tell Tim I said so) and it's my birthday on Monday, so he had a few reasons to come, other than the fact that he's probably bored out of his mind, stuck in that sleepy little town we call home all alone.

So, no school on Monday, my birthday, just because of MLK day? I'm okay with that :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Style and Texas

I feel the need to continue my apology with another post; I need to catch up. Anyway, I got so caught up with my blog and looking for awesome new blogs to follow (I did indeed find many), that I looked down and realized I was ten minutes late for a class! (If you can count band as a class. I do, since its for real credits.)

But I guess I have Emily to thank for this, since she awarded me this!:

I can't say I've ever been stylish, in my own opinion, let alone won an award for it, but thanks Emily! Basically, I saw it, started looking at the other people she awarded it to, started looking at who they gave it to.... well, it was 4:10 before I knew it.

I'm supposed to do a bunch of stuff with it, as you can see in Emily's profile in that link up there, but I've stood adamantly against anything that looks like chain mail... even if it makes me feel accomplished and awesome.

So I guess I'll keep posting, and hopefully one day I'll have more than 15 followers. If you get a chance, spread the word that I bitch about life regularly and its incredibly stylish and amazing.

So yeah, thanks again, Emily!

NOW. On to something that bugs me: when people from up north complain about Texans complaining about it being cold. I have lots of friends that just go on and on about how Texans are pansies and "oh its not that cold". Look. If this were Colorado, sure, it's not that cold. But this is Texas. It's not supposed to get cold here. We don't even get any snow out of it. It's just cold. With highs in the 30's and 40's this week, we're on par with Idaho.

Yes, I understand that dark pink spot in the middle is WAY cold. Like, even for some of them. But lets be real. They signed up for it. When they moved to South Dakota, they knew it was going to be damn cold. In Texas, it gets to 110 in the summer. We know that's ridiculously hot. We signed up for it. We're okay with that. BUT WE DON'T DO COLD. That's why we LIVE IN TEXAS. Seriously, look at this.

Please take note how these two temperatures are COMPLETELY different. 

Also, I get to walk to class right about the time its 28 and feels like 23. Also a far cry from even the average LOW of 33. WHERE ARE YOU, GLOBAL WARMING?

Okay. Rant over. I'm going to freeze in my bed now. Thanks to for supplying my ranting material.

long time no blog! Ahh!

HELLOOOOOO my faithful bloggies! May I just start out with ... well, I don't even think this will cover it, but I want to say sorry for being away for so long! It's been nearly a month, and I want to explain myself, but even then..... I'm really sorry. I'll do better now that I'm back at school.

So, being home means a lot of things. Most importantly to all of you, however, is that it means lots of friends and late night trips and activities and a social life - something that prevents me from my usual computer use. I wanted to write early on, but didn't have the time, and eventually just put it out of my mind altogether! I dunno.... it just wasn't my top priority while I was at home and seeing everyone for the short time I could.

And even then, I didn't see enough of the people I know and love. There are quite a few people that I could have made time for, and just didn't, out of laziness, not because I didn't want to see them. I got to see my superamazingawesomecool girlfriend Anna a bunch, but I don't think a bunch was enough. We got to go to Six Flags, see movies, eat a lot.. but there's just not enough time with Anna. At least I saw her more than twice though, which I can't say about some of my close friends I wish I had put more effort into seeing. I saw lots of my friend Tim and his other two friends, since we're kinda a 'group' I guess. We do all kinds of things together.... usually slightly illegal, like shooting off fireworks or drunkenly Omegleing.... but I don't really consider those other two my friends. I put up with them for Tim, but without Tim, I don't think there'd be a group at all. He's the common point between us other three. But anyway, he took up a lot of the time, since it was easy and fun to hang out with him.

Christmas was.... productive. I got a bunch of stuff for my mac, a new ipod, some car parts so it didn't metaphorically limp as badly, and a few other things. It was a grand, happy time. It was.. the turning point of break, I think. Before Christmas, I just really wanted to go back to school. I was fed up with home, sick of the family, blah blah blah. After, though, I let myself enjoy life a bit more. We had our annual New Year's party, where I got to see some other friends and feel the thrill of stealing a beer or two from the parents. (Not that it's a big deal, its just fun to get away with something. You know how that is, on some level, I'm sure)

But alas, I said my goodbyes, packed my car to the brim with people and things, and 4 of us drove through the Great Texas Blizzard of January 2011 (like, an inch of snow... if that) back to Waco. It wasn't particularly dangerous driving... it was a lot of wet streets; nothing new, but 80% of Texas drivers think snow automatically means that you need to go half the speed limit on the freeway. Or something. It was ridiculous.

Now I'm back, and classes suck double. Last semester was paradise. I had 14 hours, and 6 of those were blow off class hours. Now I'm taking 17 and only 2 are easy credits. A little different. MWF 8 AM class instead of wake-up-whenever schedule like fall. Most of my classes are for sophomores and juniors, since I'm a little ahead with all the credit I brought in, so its just that much harder. Joy.

On the bright side (and yes, there's a bright side), Martin Luther King day falls on my birthday every ... what? 7 years or something? Well, its happened once before, and its happening again this year. So I get school off for my birthday, AND its a three day weekend.

I don't make New Years resolutions, but if I did, they would be something like
  • work out more often than never. 
  • go to bed on time
  • keep my desk clean. 
  • try to enjoy school
  • employ the use of sticky notes. 
  • eat better. not perfect, just... better.
  • get help. 
And, funny enough, the last one isn't really a joke. I've been meaning to go see if I'm really depressed, or if it's just my imagination. I'm starting to really think I am, so I guess I'll keep yall updated on that... situation. Baylor offers 7 free shrink sessions, then they're only $10 after that, so I really have no excuse.

The rest of those not-resolutions are pretty manageable. I'm not giving myself impossible things, so maybe I'll actually do some of them. I'm sitting at a clean desk writing this (well, clean enough to sit at, which is a change), I went to the gym yesterday, I HAVE to go to bed on time, or else I'm screwed for my communication and participation driven 8 AM class, my sticky note endeavor has turned out to be useful, but the back of my hand still gets the priority mail, and I've at least noticed that I'm eating like crap and feel bad about it (its a good start). Enjoyment of school is a different beast, but getting easier every day. In financial accounting, we're learning how to judge stocks and companies in order to properly invest in them. This information is something I've been dying to know for a long long time now. I sound like a dork, but I'm a business major for a reason I guess. Business 1301 is shaping up to be a very informational class as well, which will be nice. Unlike... I dunno... Christian Scriptures, which is basically a bible history class, these are things I'll actually NEED and enjoy learning about, so while I may hate the tests still, I should learn quite a bit and like doing it.

So here I am, updating my blog between lunch and Health, since I can't do it at night anymore... I can't get distracted from homework for sleep reasons. I'm getting the sleep while I can, before pledging starts for KPsi... then it'll go to like, 4 or 5 hours a night, absolute tops. And that'll just suck at 8 in the morning. Good thing I like coffee, huh?

And one last little ADD moment: I'm so happy about my computer right now that I'm going to share with all of you the importance of software updates. I didn't update for a year, and my computer got slow and started freezing and being... well, not like a mac should be. I get those 7 new updates that I had hit the "do it later" button on for a year, and BAM. My computer works faster than the damn Easter bunny and is just flawless again. The reason I updated is because the mouse I got wasn't being as magical as advertised. It wasn't... well, working at all, really. It was just acting like a normal wireless mouse, not a magical mac invention. So I looked up the thing on apple's horrendous website, and it had some step by step screenshots to hook it up. But they were different than my screenshots. That got me thinking something was wrong with the computer instead of the mouse. Well, long story short, the last thing I tried was a software update, and it got me WORLDS more than just a functional mouse. (on another unrelated note, I got the new microsoft office for mac to top it off. love it.)

Sorry to pull the nerd card again.. it just happens sometimes.

But yeah. Sorry again that I left yall alone and in the dark for so long! I'll have to go check up on everyone I follow if I can find the time... oh, and sorry this post was so long and so ADD... I guess that's also a product of ignoring it for a month.

I forgot to mention something! I cut off my hair again. It's a pretty big deal, since I only do it every 5 or 6 months... just long enough in between to be a big deal. haha..... I'm sure I have a picture around here somewhere..... *cough...searches facebook*
 aww, aren't we adorable? Yes, we're both completely red from the cold, but hey, we were having fun at Six Flags. Who cares about a little bit of cold when you're at Six Flags!?