Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Farewell, friends.

Hey everyone,

So I was a little mad at Tim. I'm better now. He's off back to Kansas (into the snow and ice and highs-in-the-twenties, so I'm okay with Kansas winning a stupid basketball game... lol), and I need to mail him a computer charger so he can read this eventually.

Now to the main point: my life is GONE. Starting this week (really next week, but it's already begun), I'm pledging KKY, and that means my entire February is basically gone. When I'm not doing homework or going to class, I'll be doing activities for KKY, and in the unlikely event I'm not doing either of those, I'm sleeping. If I'm not doing that, I may even get a chance to eat.

With that in mind, my faithful followers, I may be quite absent next month, as I'm not supposed to talk about the happenings of KKY in too much detail during the 5 weeks of MEP (member education program. The new, politically correct way to say pledge program, since it has such a bad connotation. Similarly, we are "membership candidates, not pledges), and that's pretty much all I'll be doing. Add in the fact that I just won't physically have time to blog, and I'm at a month long stand still, until the last day of MEP, which is February 27.

But don't feel especially ignored. I told my family that I wouldn't be speaking to them much either. I'll be telling most of my friends to assume me dead for the month of February too. I'm seriously going to be getting something like 4 hours of sleep a night, if I stay off of blogspot, youtube, and facebook.

So, consider this my farewell for a short time. I'll post when I can, but that will be far less often than you or I would like. I'll talk about anything interesting that goes on outside of KKY, but I just don't think much of anything will be going on outside of KKY, so.... yeah. Good times. It's said to be "the most fun thing you'll ever do that you'll never want to do again." I'll take that in stride along with my hard 17 hour class schedule.

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