Sunday, January 30, 2011

sneaky sneaky..

I feel sneaky, getting away from my homework to write this. But it's not like anyone is watching me. I'm sneaking away from myself. This week, I am doing no less than 30 hours of pledging activities, I have 3 tests that I should be studying for, and hours and hours of daily assignments and readings. Oh, and that whole 'going to class' thing. That too. Oh, and I nearly forgot all about sleeping and eating. You'd think blogging would take the back burner. Kinda like facebook. Or youtube.

But no, here I am, sneaking away to write this instead. Our pledge group has been pretty good about getting along, but today, our meeting kinda went long, some people stopped paying attention, we all were getting irritated... anyway, the first signs of disharmony started to shine through. I could definitely tell who's getting hit the hardest with this week's schedule... its the one's that were quietest during the meeting today. I can just see it. Their faces show their silent frustration and overwhelmed-ness. I have a new list of potential drop outs.

Pledging is not fun. It's fun when you look back on it, I hear, but right now, it's not fun.

But on the bright side, I think the hardest part of the week is over. Or second hardest, depending on how awful going 18 hours straight on Saturday ends up being. Scheduling is the worst, because there's so much to take into account, especially when you have 13 pledges and all the membership and all the separate schedules. Finding time when everyone has the same free 30 hours is just not too possible. But now its mostly all down to doing it, and the activities planned for most of those 30 hours are fun things.

Sorry if you find my talking about pledging KKψ to be boring or silly or pointless or anything else unpleasing, but its kinda my whole life right now, besides school, but who wants to hear about accounting, really? I'd much rather stick to something people don't do monotonously every day.

One good thing for the week: I'm having dinner with my KPsi big sister tomorrow :] she's making me... something. I told her to surprise me. I'm sure it'll be better than dorm food.

I just finished my caramel macchiato, so I'm ready to go do some religion homework and study for the stats, accounting, and communication tests.

...And this still isn't the hard week.


  1. Caramel macchiatos always make things better :)

  2. lol, I'm sure my mom wouldn't mind listening to you talking about accounting. :P

  3. Caramel have an awesome just kidding.

    So. Heyyyyyy.

    I like your blog :)