Wednesday, January 12, 2011

long time no blog! Ahh!

HELLOOOOOO my faithful bloggies! May I just start out with ... well, I don't even think this will cover it, but I want to say sorry for being away for so long! It's been nearly a month, and I want to explain myself, but even then..... I'm really sorry. I'll do better now that I'm back at school.

So, being home means a lot of things. Most importantly to all of you, however, is that it means lots of friends and late night trips and activities and a social life - something that prevents me from my usual computer use. I wanted to write early on, but didn't have the time, and eventually just put it out of my mind altogether! I dunno.... it just wasn't my top priority while I was at home and seeing everyone for the short time I could.

And even then, I didn't see enough of the people I know and love. There are quite a few people that I could have made time for, and just didn't, out of laziness, not because I didn't want to see them. I got to see my superamazingawesomecool girlfriend Anna a bunch, but I don't think a bunch was enough. We got to go to Six Flags, see movies, eat a lot.. but there's just not enough time with Anna. At least I saw her more than twice though, which I can't say about some of my close friends I wish I had put more effort into seeing. I saw lots of my friend Tim and his other two friends, since we're kinda a 'group' I guess. We do all kinds of things together.... usually slightly illegal, like shooting off fireworks or drunkenly Omegleing.... but I don't really consider those other two my friends. I put up with them for Tim, but without Tim, I don't think there'd be a group at all. He's the common point between us other three. But anyway, he took up a lot of the time, since it was easy and fun to hang out with him.

Christmas was.... productive. I got a bunch of stuff for my mac, a new ipod, some car parts so it didn't metaphorically limp as badly, and a few other things. It was a grand, happy time. It was.. the turning point of break, I think. Before Christmas, I just really wanted to go back to school. I was fed up with home, sick of the family, blah blah blah. After, though, I let myself enjoy life a bit more. We had our annual New Year's party, where I got to see some other friends and feel the thrill of stealing a beer or two from the parents. (Not that it's a big deal, its just fun to get away with something. You know how that is, on some level, I'm sure)

But alas, I said my goodbyes, packed my car to the brim with people and things, and 4 of us drove through the Great Texas Blizzard of January 2011 (like, an inch of snow... if that) back to Waco. It wasn't particularly dangerous driving... it was a lot of wet streets; nothing new, but 80% of Texas drivers think snow automatically means that you need to go half the speed limit on the freeway. Or something. It was ridiculous.

Now I'm back, and classes suck double. Last semester was paradise. I had 14 hours, and 6 of those were blow off class hours. Now I'm taking 17 and only 2 are easy credits. A little different. MWF 8 AM class instead of wake-up-whenever schedule like fall. Most of my classes are for sophomores and juniors, since I'm a little ahead with all the credit I brought in, so its just that much harder. Joy.

On the bright side (and yes, there's a bright side), Martin Luther King day falls on my birthday every ... what? 7 years or something? Well, its happened once before, and its happening again this year. So I get school off for my birthday, AND its a three day weekend.

I don't make New Years resolutions, but if I did, they would be something like
  • work out more often than never. 
  • go to bed on time
  • keep my desk clean. 
  • try to enjoy school
  • employ the use of sticky notes. 
  • eat better. not perfect, just... better.
  • get help. 
And, funny enough, the last one isn't really a joke. I've been meaning to go see if I'm really depressed, or if it's just my imagination. I'm starting to really think I am, so I guess I'll keep yall updated on that... situation. Baylor offers 7 free shrink sessions, then they're only $10 after that, so I really have no excuse.

The rest of those not-resolutions are pretty manageable. I'm not giving myself impossible things, so maybe I'll actually do some of them. I'm sitting at a clean desk writing this (well, clean enough to sit at, which is a change), I went to the gym yesterday, I HAVE to go to bed on time, or else I'm screwed for my communication and participation driven 8 AM class, my sticky note endeavor has turned out to be useful, but the back of my hand still gets the priority mail, and I've at least noticed that I'm eating like crap and feel bad about it (its a good start). Enjoyment of school is a different beast, but getting easier every day. In financial accounting, we're learning how to judge stocks and companies in order to properly invest in them. This information is something I've been dying to know for a long long time now. I sound like a dork, but I'm a business major for a reason I guess. Business 1301 is shaping up to be a very informational class as well, which will be nice. Unlike... I dunno... Christian Scriptures, which is basically a bible history class, these are things I'll actually NEED and enjoy learning about, so while I may hate the tests still, I should learn quite a bit and like doing it.

So here I am, updating my blog between lunch and Health, since I can't do it at night anymore... I can't get distracted from homework for sleep reasons. I'm getting the sleep while I can, before pledging starts for KPsi... then it'll go to like, 4 or 5 hours a night, absolute tops. And that'll just suck at 8 in the morning. Good thing I like coffee, huh?

And one last little ADD moment: I'm so happy about my computer right now that I'm going to share with all of you the importance of software updates. I didn't update for a year, and my computer got slow and started freezing and being... well, not like a mac should be. I get those 7 new updates that I had hit the "do it later" button on for a year, and BAM. My computer works faster than the damn Easter bunny and is just flawless again. The reason I updated is because the mouse I got wasn't being as magical as advertised. It wasn't... well, working at all, really. It was just acting like a normal wireless mouse, not a magical mac invention. So I looked up the thing on apple's horrendous website, and it had some step by step screenshots to hook it up. But they were different than my screenshots. That got me thinking something was wrong with the computer instead of the mouse. Well, long story short, the last thing I tried was a software update, and it got me WORLDS more than just a functional mouse. (on another unrelated note, I got the new microsoft office for mac to top it off. love it.)

Sorry to pull the nerd card again.. it just happens sometimes.

But yeah. Sorry again that I left yall alone and in the dark for so long! I'll have to go check up on everyone I follow if I can find the time... oh, and sorry this post was so long and so ADD... I guess that's also a product of ignoring it for a month.

I forgot to mention something! I cut off my hair again. It's a pretty big deal, since I only do it every 5 or 6 months... just long enough in between to be a big deal. haha..... I'm sure I have a picture around here somewhere..... *cough...searches facebook*
 aww, aren't we adorable? Yes, we're both completely red from the cold, but hey, we were having fun at Six Flags. Who cares about a little bit of cold when you're at Six Flags!? 

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