Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Style and Texas

I feel the need to continue my apology with another post; I need to catch up. Anyway, I got so caught up with my blog and looking for awesome new blogs to follow (I did indeed find many), that I looked down and realized I was ten minutes late for a class! (If you can count band as a class. I do, since its for real credits.)

But I guess I have Emily to thank for this, since she awarded me this!:

I can't say I've ever been stylish, in my own opinion, let alone won an award for it, but thanks Emily! Basically, I saw it, started looking at the other people she awarded it to, started looking at who they gave it to.... well, it was 4:10 before I knew it.

I'm supposed to do a bunch of stuff with it, as you can see in Emily's profile in that link up there, but I've stood adamantly against anything that looks like chain mail... even if it makes me feel accomplished and awesome.

So I guess I'll keep posting, and hopefully one day I'll have more than 15 followers. If you get a chance, spread the word that I bitch about life regularly and its incredibly stylish and amazing.

So yeah, thanks again, Emily!

NOW. On to something that bugs me: when people from up north complain about Texans complaining about it being cold. I have lots of friends that just go on and on about how Texans are pansies and "oh its not that cold". Look. If this were Colorado, sure, it's not that cold. But this is Texas. It's not supposed to get cold here. We don't even get any snow out of it. It's just cold. With highs in the 30's and 40's this week, we're on par with Idaho.

Yes, I understand that dark pink spot in the middle is WAY cold. Like, even for some of them. But lets be real. They signed up for it. When they moved to South Dakota, they knew it was going to be damn cold. In Texas, it gets to 110 in the summer. We know that's ridiculously hot. We signed up for it. We're okay with that. BUT WE DON'T DO COLD. That's why we LIVE IN TEXAS. Seriously, look at this.

Please take note how these two temperatures are COMPLETELY different. 

Also, I get to walk to class right about the time its 28 and feels like 23. Also a far cry from even the average LOW of 33. WHERE ARE YOU, GLOBAL WARMING?

Okay. Rant over. I'm going to freeze in my bed now. Thanks to for supplying my ranting material.

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