Saturday, January 15, 2011

happy weekend!

FINALLY. Geez, it took long enough to get here, huh? Maybe it's just because during break, it felt like those three weeks went by at light speed. Now we've just slowed back down and it feels like each week takes FOREVER.

Or maybe its because I'm only sleeping a few hours a night, instead of somewhere around 12, so the week really IS longer for me.

I've now taken classes from 11 to 2 (last semester) and 8 to 12 (this semester) and I can tell you... I want my late classes back! Sleep is so nice. Yeah, it cuts your day short, but it's so worth it. Some people like the wake up and get them out of the way approach.... I can see where they're coming from, and I do like some things about my schedule, but if I had a choice, the later ones win.

So those are the two extremes... what about middle ground? Like, a good 9 or 10 AM class every day... yeah, that may be even better. Wouldn't know though, so I can't really comment.

Sorry I talk so much about school. I'd bitch about the weather some more, but its like, 50 and raining, so we're pretty much back to normal there. (okay, I went and looked... today we have a high of 46 and a low tonight of 45. Oddly confined temperature for Texas...) I guess since its really the only thing in my life right now, there's not much else to talk about. This whole week has just been school, eat, homework, eat, homework, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Every day.

I do have one thing of note. I've been obsessed with a few youtube videos lately. If you have some spare time, go look up MarbleHornets. He has a youtube account called marble hornets, but I'd suggest going to Flamerockproductions' playlist of the videos, since 15 of them aren't on his account.

The second one is EverymanHYBRID. Same kinda topic as marblehornets, kinda. Its a lot more in depth. Whereas marblehornets only has two youtubes and a twitter, marblehornets has three or four youtubes, excluding important videos submitted by various viewers, a couple twitters (three I think), a blog, a ustream... and a few other things I think... they're so spread out on the internet. Luckily, they have links to most of the stuff out there, and there's a wiki to help you keep up with everything. But it takes hours and hours, if you want it to. I got really into it.

The last one is TribeTwelve. Another slender man series, just like the other two. I'm pretty sure these are all three of the slender man stories out there, but if you find more, I'm so up for them. TribeTwelve isn't as good as the others, but definitely has its pluses. At the moment, he only has one youtube, a formspring, and one twitter... I think. I'm not sure anymore.

Anyway, so I've been wasting my life away on youtube and school. That pretty much sums it up. I hope all of you have been being at least slightly more productive! This weekend is a little change in the eat sleep school schedule.. my friend Tim is coming down from Dallas before he goes back to school in Kansas. Baylor and Kansas play each other on Monday night (we'll probably lose.. Kanasas' men's basketball team is #3 or something ridiculous like that... but don't tell Tim I said so) and it's my birthday on Monday, so he had a few reasons to come, other than the fact that he's probably bored out of his mind, stuck in that sleepy little town we call home all alone.

So, no school on Monday, my birthday, just because of MLK day? I'm okay with that :D

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