Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I wish I had a witty title, but I don't.

What I should be doing:
  • Freaking out about how much homework I have to do and how little time there is to do it.
  • Proceeding to start homework. 
  • FINISHING homework. 
What I'm actually doing right now:
  • Playing with silly putty. 
  • blogging about it. 
.....yep. fml. Time management, out the window. This sucks. For the past few days, I've felt so productive. When I needed to do homework, I had the will power to focus and get it done. Mostly because of the pressure of a busy schedule. Funny how that works, isn't it? Your schedule fills up, and suddenly you're able to do things faster, you're more productive, you're doing well at more things... but I think I finally cracked. I can only keep up that mature thing for so long before that little voice inside me demands that I pick up some silly putty and spend the LAST HOUR playing with it instead of reading my religion homework (don't forget, baptist university) and my accounting homework. The religion homework isn't technically due until Monday, but I have a new one every class, so you'd think the idea of doing them all together on Sunday would be enough to scare me away.... nope. So that'll probably get put off. The accounting.... hell if I know. It's due tomorrow. Whatever 'it' is. I'll have to look it up.

I'm falling - no, drowning - in everything I need to get done. The metaphorical water's just pushing in from all sides, getting in my ears and eyes and mouth, threatening to kill me. The surface is farther and farther away every day, but when I look down I realize how much worse it could get. But you know, the cool thing about drowning metaphors is that when you calm down and step back, you realize you can feel completely weightless and close your eyes and be completely cut off from the world. You can have bliss. But you're too damn busy freaking out to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Because how bad could drowning be, really?


  1. Pretty bad, I would think, since you eventually die and all. So don't forget to keep trying to swim to the surface, because if you don't, you just go deeper!

    ...see what I did there? English major in her prime haha

  2. lol, yeah Anna! Anyways, yeah, drowning would suck. One of the worst ways to die in my opinion. Besides, getting stuck on a sky lift, jumping down, breaking both legs and then getting devoured by hungry wolves.

  3. yes. that sounds worse, Tim. I wonder where that idea came from....