Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Righto, so please excuse the self-invited guest post by Tim... speaking of whom...

He went home. He 'forgot' his computer charger. I'm slightly convinced he left it here on purpose, so he could have an excuse to come back. Not for his friends, mind you. Not even because he loves Baylor that much. No, he's wanting to come back for a undeniably attractive girl he has no chance with.

Oh, right, you read this Tim... sorry to burst your bubble, buddy. But lets look at the facts. She lives in Texas, south of Waco. You live in... well, where do you live, Tim? You either live in Kansas, Florida, or Dallas. Assuming you live in Dallas, in a best case scenario, you're still hours away from her - two, at least, assuming she's at Baylor. Long distance, you say. It could work, of course! But... long distance relationships have a history, more times than not. Anna and me? We've been best friends for a longggg while now. We became friends in 8th grade. We didn't meet 24 hours before we were hours away from each other.

Now, as to not leave the other 16 ish people out, I'll go back to my conventional 1st person. (Have you ever read a book written in 2nd person? It's slightly bizarre to be addressed during a book, but kinda awesome at the same time.) I'm glad I got to see Tim. It was such a fun time. But when I needed to sit down and really study, the idea of having Tim there suddenly became more of a burden than the awesomeness it was when we were at the game or whatever during the rest of the weekend.

Then he teamed up with my Baylor best friend and it just got annoying. They were so busy having their own little fun being together against me that I really don't think they noticed how much fun I wasn't having. How stressed I was. How tired I was. How pissed off I was.

(I've done this before, where I expressed feelings on here, exposing them to the people I should probably tell before posting this.... oh well. Sorry, Tim. I should know better than to spring this on you like this...)

Anyway, its dinner time, my friends. I must away.

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  1. hahaha, you should know me well enough to know I won't get mad or hurt or anything by anything you say on here.
    Anyways, I definitely did NOT leave my computer charger there on purpose. It was really dark and I was hurrying to try to get everything packed up without waking all 3 of you up. It has been such a pain in the ass not having my laptop...

    And I absolutely knew that nothing was going to work out. I know I am idealistic, but I'm not stupid! lol.
    Like I was trying to explain to Patrick, it was all just for the fun of it. The thrill of the chase if you will. I really don't have a shot with any girl, so I would have to be pathetically stupid to think anything on any level might actually happen.

    As for the me being a burden part, I really sorry!! D: Especially about distracting you when Ethan was over. Really, really sorry about all that. But it was the only time I will be there to distract you, so I promise it won't happen again.

    So sorry about all that. And don't worry, I don't care if you say things on here. I won't care, and its better then you not saying them at all.