Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fridays, Pants, and the Lack Thereof.

Hey. Hey you there. Yeah, you. It's sorta vital you know something. It's not Friday anymore.

I guess it's kinda still Friday night. I mean, its like, 1 in the morning, but yeah. I never know, at this point, whether to call it night or morning. So I'll keep living under the delusion that it's Friday night for now. Because if it's Friday, it's the last day of the school week and I only have one class. If it's Friday, my parents won't be here today. If it's Friday, life is pretty good. If it's Saturday... it's just a different story.

Well, today, Friday the 10th, I had American Constitutional Development. Is it so wrong to go to class, utterly excited and overjoyed, to see what the man is wearing this time?

Seriously, this man is a little messed up. I'm pretty sure he's a grad student here... he couldn't be more than a few years older than us. He's pretty dorky, with his general speech, side comments, bad jokes, sarcasm... everything he says... but it doesn't stop at his actions or his words. The way he dresses is one of the few reasons I can't wait to see him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He is just such a dork. Today, for example, was so bad that I couldn't tell you what he was talking about at all. I was wayyy too distracted. A fairly normal shirt... just a nice, white, short sleeved shirt with a pocket with a single pen... no pocket protector or anything, though I wouldn't put it past him. The thing that first catches your eye, besides the ever present 90's haircut, is his off-white-with-green-polka-dots bow tie. That was probably enough to distract me for the whole hour. But I managed to pay attention as he went making jabs at Congress and how he's lost faith in the Judicial system, etc., from behind the table.

Then he stepped out from behind the hip-high table. That ruined it for me. His pants, at first glance, appeared to be khaki. I mean, he's done worse than khaki, for sure. Wednesday he had pants with dolphins on them. This was much worse than the dolphins. This man's pants today were see-thorough. I quickly found out he's a boxers person, and these boxers were polka dotted, much like his tie. I couldn't tell, exactly, what color the polka dots were, because of the transparent cloth separating them from my eyes, but they kinda appeared to be green, like the tie. His pockets were deep, going most of the way down his thigh.

And as I watched him, easily phasing the pants out altogether, watched him give a lecture in his underwear and bow tie. Whatever he was talking about became the background completely.

And that was my one class of the day. I can't wait to see how he tops that on Monday.

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