Monday, September 6, 2010

A new style? Oh yeah.

So I decided that my blog was depressing. I went back and read some stuff and realized I complain. A lot. And on occasion have very, VERY little faith in humanity. And in myself, a lot of the time. So I'm changing stuff.

I'm still not a colorful person, but I took off the all black look. That was just a little too much. I like this new gray and white. Its easier to read, too, I think.

Now that the blog is fixed up and ready for upbeat, I can fill it up with happy, joyful things, right? Well, not to be a realist or anything, but it probably won't stay happy all the time. The new COLLEGE OMG IT'S HERE I'M SO EXCITED transition is wearing off fast, and it's really starting to feel more and more like school.

That homework I was ignoring earlier today? Yeah, that never got done. Good thing I don't have any morning classes. I can stay up late and do it or sleep now and do it in the morning. Either way, I have lots of time. But that's what I always said in high school too. "I have so much time, it can wait."

I should stop that. I need to not fall back into all the bad habits I had in high school. College is doing one thing really well, though. I'm really starting to realize how dumb drama is. I've avoided it completely these past two weeks, and it feels awesome. Consequently, it also means I'm completely alone and forgotten in a corner somewhere half the time, and the other half, I'm in the Friend Zone of no hope.

Oh, wow, see? That didn't take long at all. Sorry, new style. right. I'm really hoping it's not just the layout that's changing. I hope there are happier things to talk about coming up. Like my band post (ooh, see that cool trick?). College is my chance to make this happen. So I'm gonna take it up on that offer.

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