Sunday, September 5, 2010

college haikus on a sleep deprived sunday afternoon.

So we're two weeks into college now, and its a nice three day weekend. I'm at a loss of a good story that would describe these few weeks, but I've decided the most appropriate way is to write a few college haikus.

My feet are gross now.
I showered without shoes on;
Now they are diseased.

College food tastes good.
I don't have to pay for it...
My poop shouldn't be green.

Roomies are alright.
Until you walk in on one
screwing his girlfriend.

Football season rocks
I stood up for five hours
then partied five more.

Sunday is church day.
I only fell asleep once.
Service is at noon.

The classes don't suck
Unless you never study
and hate reading books.

I hate reading books.
But reading court opinions
Makes those books just fine.

Sleep is optional.
But then again, so are things
like going to class.

Chapel is one class.
Its like an hour for sleep
or sneaky homework.

College is quite fun.
Life has never been this cool.
Suck on that, high school.

Haikus arent very hard,
now that i've written a few.
I'm done now... sorry.

Happy labor day everyone.

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