Wednesday, November 17, 2010

meh. i dont even have the effort it takes to write a post right now. i havent felt this completely unmotivated in awhile.

insert a good 15 minutes of trying to figure out something to say.

nope. i really can't think of anything. nothing worth saying anyway.

no, wait, thought of something. 

being a freshman sucks when it comes to sign up for classes. seniority had its perks in high school, and that doesnt change here. the classes i wanted to sign up for are already closed.
imagine seeing this and suddenly realizing with a sinking feeling that the schedule you spent a good 3 hours figuring out isn't going to work at all.

whatever. i guess i knew i wasn't going to be able to avoid the 8 am forever. i just wish it could have been my own choice. and i just checked...its down to 12 spots. i might not even get into the class at all. being a freshman is stupid.

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