Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just to make my last post seem less crazy...

So, I must have sounded a bit nuts in the last post, but to continue with my little 'what if', Twilight Zone ideas, I have some other situations that would suck to be true.

Let me try to make more sense of that... If I really were mentally deficient and no one was telling me, it would suck. But even then, I could take the 'ignorance is bliss' approach and just keep going through life. I have another situation - not that I actually fear the truth of this one, but I still find it a possibility - that is worse than being stupid and not knowing it.

What if everything is fake? A total figment of my imagination. Like I just spent years of my life in a dream, or a coma... maybe its only been hours in real life, but here in my dream, I'm in college and I have awesome friends and a daily routine, and really I'm still 5 years old. That's the Inception approach, but maybe I've really been in a horrible car accident in real life, so in my coma, I created this world so I could walk and think again, and chose to go to the best years of life - college? Memory is a funny thing. There's no proof any of it happened. Think of what you did this morning. Last week. Last year. How do you know, for sure, that any of it really happened? If I really went into a coma, I could have started this college life thing at any time, and all the memories that came before that are just fabricated in my mind, and they flow seamlessly into the consciousness of my coma world. How could I make sure those memories happened? Well, I'd ask someone else, because surely, if they have the memory too, I couldn't be making it up. But you forget. In this world, you are all figments of my imagination, and will of course attest to the fact that those happened, because I'm still trying to fool myself. Isn't that a weird idea, to think that something in my mind is controlling everyone and everything; every interaction I have and every problem I face? In this scenario, no one exists if I'm not in contact with them. If I'm not sensing them visually, or through a computer screen, or hearing them down my hall making so much noise right now. You know it to be a fact that that's not true, as you aren't always in contact with me, and you know for a fact you exist, but how can I know that? You can't tell me, because of course my mind would want me to think that.

And what happens when I wake up? What year is it? Is English a real language? Who is my family? Will any of my relationships carry through? Will there be any constant at all? What age am I? And if, say, coffee makers, or cars, or sandals, or beds, or anything we all take for granted didn't exist, I could be a millionaire in a day. Can you imagine waking up and getting the chance to create scotch tape or television? To be the person that creates the internet? Or maybe I'll wake up and be amazed at the technology, and realize I was a retard stuck in a coma, with the stupidest, most primitive ideas. Psh. Firearms. Physical 'bullets' that you force into people? What a stupid idea! Look what we have...

Anyway, that's my Twilight Zone idea of the day.


  1. Your font wasn't the same size you started with...*OCD*

  2. Kyle, what ever acid is causing this needs to stop.

    :P (joking)

  3. thanks for making me even more paranoid! lol. i have actually contemplated the coma situation before, but i decided that if my entire life were a dream it would be a lot more interesting.

  4. Anna, I fixed it. :] You knew that.
    Sarah, it's called late night procrastination, not acid.
    Emily, its like the matrix. The first matrix was made as a Utopia, but the human minds didn't work with it because the mind thrived on struggle. Or something like that. If your life was more exciting, your mind may not be able to fool you into believing it. That's how I get around that argument, anyway.