Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon is STILL epic.

So tonight was spent watching How to Train Your Dragon.... again. I had almost forgot how absolutely amazing it was. I love that movie. Every character, every scene... the sound track, the animation, the relationships, the expressions... all of it. 

If you're an animal person, at all, you'll understand. This movie perfectly represents the relationship people have with animals. Dogs, cats, horses, whatever. Just animals in general. No, not your fish. Or your rat. Those don't count. Real animals. Animals that curl up and sleep with you in your bed even though they don't have to. Animals that get excited when you wake up and run up and down and around and then step on you by accident because they're so excited. Animals that can give you that "are you really as stupid as you look" glare. Some animals can just communicate with people. I have cats. Or at least, I do back home. My cat and I have a special relationship. We get each other. I know what she wants, and she actually listens to me. She doesn't give the rest of the family that courtesy. She'll follow me around. Most cats - if you're a cat person you'll understand -  just don't do that. It's definitely not normal. She sleeps with me. She sleeps on my lap if I sit in a chair. She still sleeps in my bed sometimes when she misses me. (She's a cat... she sleeps a lot. Get over it.)

Do I think animals can love? Yes. Affection is one of the basic emotions of any animal. (And by 'animal', again, your fish don't count, and your hamsters are out too.) They remember people. They have loyalty. They care about some people more than others. And yes, I think my cat loves me. Not in some weird boy - cat bestiality way, but in a best friends or family way. Even if she were human, I'd never date her. She can be a real bitch sometimes. 

ANYWAY. How to Train Your Dragon is awesome. It made me miss my cat though. I think I'll watch Toy Story 3 next. I've only seen that one twice, as opposed to HTTYD, which is working on 12 or 13. 

I can't wait for the sequel. It's DreamWorks. You know it'll happen.


  1. Wow - I think you may have taken it to a creepy level with the "I'd never date her" comment. lol.
    My dog gives me that "are you really this stupid" look all the time - he has the personality of an old man, always has.
    And my cat has taken over my bed. I'm not home, so she's claimed it. Sometimes, animals just get it and people don't.

  2. haha, well my cat has the personality of a needy teenage girl.

    and sarah, WHY NOT. no excuse. its on dvd now.

  3. Best movie ever.

    Sarah!! Just wait, December 18th or so we are watching it!