Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ah, the familiar feeling

Tonight I have actual homework, not just studying for some test. It's bookwork. The above mentioned 'familiar feeling' is that of procrastination. It and I are sworn enemies, but I can't seem to get away from it. I dunno just how you know me, or how much of my blog you've read, or, quite honestly, what I've said in my blog at all, so let me state this simple fact:

 I win at procrastination. 

Let there be no confusion with this. I am King Prokrastinator. Why do you think I have time for this blog? Or StumbleUpon, or facebook, or the internet in general, or most other things I do? Because I put off things until the last minute, and it worked just fine for me in high school. I promised I wouldn't keep it up in college, but that's obviously not happening. I thought I could change. I was wrong.

I'm so distracted right now. There's stuff going on in my room, my brain isn't in this post at all. I usually write these after everyone goes to bed, but I need something to do besides my homework. Something to try and distract me from my overwhelming to-do list. From all the crap right now (Anna, I definitely just typed 'carp'). But instead, of course, its all the stuff that's now distracting me from my distraction, and the result is this crappy post. So sorry you have to suffer with me. 

Let's see. What's number one on my mind right now? Buying Harry Potter tickets. This isn't optional. I have to be at that premier, at midnight. Dressed up. None of that happens if I can't get tickets, so it can't really wait..... I'm such a dork when it comes to Harry Potter. I love the books so much. I hate the movies, but simply because of the nature of turning books into movies.... all the people (my roommate, for example) that haven't read the books, but have seen the movies and are all like "omg Harry Potter is so good!" and all I can do is sigh, because they just have no idea what they're missing, and it's frustrating, because I can't convince them there's something better than the shit they throw on a theater screen, full of teen drama and 'action', and completely without the important parts of the books. If I were JK Rowling, I'd be so pissed. I might sue. The movies..... they just don't get it. 

Sorry for that rant.... but I guess it's expected, with the title of the blog and all.... anyway. 

What else is on my mind? You all know I'm a huge football fan, and especially for Baylor Football this year, because we're doing the best we have done in a very, very long time. We beat Texas for the first time since 1997. We have a star quarterback and star receiver combination that's on fire. We made it to a legitimate discussion on ESPN. We're a real football team, for the first time in my life, literally. The last time they were this good was before I was born. So, what's so stressful about this, you ask? To hold our lead, we have to beat OSU this weekend, which won't be a piece of cake. Watching this just made me more stressed out, but also proud to be a Baylor student. It's definitely a double edged sword. We've done so well, and I'm happy, but why stop here? We got this, I think, but it's gonna be a stressful one. 

On top of these things, I have my spring registration stuff to get together... that's basically just a long process of making a class schedule for next semester, which isn't simple. Complicated, long process. Perfect, right?

Can't forget the CL application process. I submitted the application, and the interview is this Friday. It's only, you know, a couple thousand dollars' worth (per semester) of a job I'm interviewing for. No biggie or anything. What if I do well? Is it over? Am I in? Got the job? NO. More interviewing after that! SO much to look forward to.

And for band, the freshmen have to put together a skit for Band Follies.... don't worry about it too much, but the important thing is that the trumpets have this tradition of winning Best Skit, and we're under quite a bit of pressure from the upperclassmen to do really well... on MONDAY. I'm so glad they give us so much time.

Then there's all kinds of homework and assignments and reading and studying and school. School, school, school, school. And then some more school. Par... no. no party. just school. Ahhhh.

Anyway, in traditional 'rambling' style, I've completely forgotten the point I was going for, but in the interest of authenticity, I'll leave it that way and not go read what I just wrote. I have to go do homework. Or make a schedule. Or something.


  1. I definitely rloled at the carp thing bahaha.

    ...and you look like a fish in your new picture. Just sayin' :)

  2. haha, you win at procrastination??

    Sounds like you have a lot more going on then I do. >.<
    Good luck with your CL interview.