Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So the past few days have been rough. I've been... not doing so okay.

I know exactly where it started... on the way back after Thanksgiving break (that I went through minus a computer, since I'm an idiot and left my charger in my dorm room), I got a speeding ticket in good old Milford, Texas. Just 5 minutes later, I hit a wall of Thanksgiving traffic that went 15 miles an hour for an hour and a half, so the speeding didn't really pay off at all. I hate Karma.

Getting a ticket sucks. That dropping feeling in your stomach when you see the cop put the radar gun down and get in his car as you pass him, that horrible feeling when you realize that he's not going for the red truck that was going just as fast next to you, that drop of any hope when officer Stevens comes back to your car with a piece of paper instead of a nice verbal warning... But the part that REALLY sucks is dealing with it. Actually paying it and taking defensive driving and going through all the loopholes to keep it off your record and as far from the insurance people as possible. That's the tricky part. Getting the ticket is nice and straight forward, if nothing else.

So after that awful drive back to college, I had to study for a test that was this past Tuesday. Now, I have finals to study for (kinda freaking out about that...), books to sell, new books to buy, and a housing situation to figure out.

Housing was tonight. I made a spreadsheet. Baylor is insisting on people reapplying for on campus housing in the next 2 weeks for next year. It really caught me off guard, since it's just so ridiculously early, and that just REALLY helped my stress level. But I found stuff tonight and put it all in a spreadsheet and found a nice apartment that Ethan and I can live in for less than it costs to live in Penland - the crappiest dorm on campus - right now. It's not'll be really cramped, since it's meant for one person, but ANYTHING is better than this dump. The place I want to live is about a thousand dollars more a year to live in, and that's really not that much in the big scheme of things, and maybe being able to cook for myself will offset the cost. Anyway, this whole house hunting thing got my mind off of everything, and it ended with a pretty decent outcome, so it put me in a good enough mood to write this thing.

But after a bit of a fight with a friend, I started thinking about all my friends, and about how none of them attend the school I'm at, save one. Ethan's here, but everyone else I consider a friend is off at some other university or stuck in Coppell for another year of high school. I'm social, but it doesn't mean I have friends.

I'm hoping KKΨ will help. It's the band service fraternity. When you think fraternity, this is not what you think. Mandatory study sessions and doing all the grunt work for the marching band are not exactly common activities in the party frats. The people in this thing are band geeks, not preppy frat boys. So all it really entails is making really close friends and serving the band, two things I really like. I'm running for a spot on band council again for this next year, so why not be in KKΨ too? It's not even as much as they had the leadership do in high school, so really, what could be so bad about it? Anyway, it sounds like lots of fun and an easy way to make friends that I'll keep.

So yeah, that's life. A lot of shit and a small handful of things to look forward to.

(If I survive these next two weeks, I'll make sure to post extra during the break)

Happy December and merry Christmas month.

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  1. Totally feel the same way about the friend thing, how it's easy to know a lot of people here at college, but how they mostly just don't cut it. Hopefully time will help deepen some of the almost-friendships you have right now so it won't be quite as bad :)