Thursday, December 9, 2010

friends and tests

"Oh, and I'm bringing Kyle with me; he's lonely."

Story of my life. For a while now, anyway. Sorry to reiterate myself so many times, but I still feel like I have one friend, and that most of my friends are really his friends, or just some acquaintances of mine.

But maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong. Maybe I just need to grow up and realize that everyone has their separate lives and high school friends and college friends are different. It's not high school, where we're all in the same little building for 7 hours every day. It's like the differences between high school teachers and professors.. in high school, they knew your name, and could probably even remember it the next year if you said hi to them in the hallway. In college, it's a miracle if they know your name in the first place. Friends could be the same way. I had friends that I was forced into a building with all day every day, so it made sense that I saw them all the time and they learned all about me and learned who I was, whether they liked it or not, over the course of 4 or 7 or 8 years. Now.... no one is being forced into contact with me, and I'm not being forced into contact with anyone else, so I end up alone, because no one taught me how to go make friends without the crutch of schoolwork to do together.

How did my very best friend and girlfriend meet me? Well, more like really get to know me. 8th grade science. We sat together in comfy armchairs and I stole her colorful pens and copied her notes. It helped that we had the same group of friends and a few other classes, but we wouldn't really know each other without school. Without class. Without that crutch.

I'm just coming to realize that it's my fault I don't have friends here in college. Sorry to drag all of you into it. Ethan, when you read this, please remember you're the exempt exception from this whole rant.

On a different topic, I got through my first final today. It was geology... the easiest class I'm taking this semester. It was a nice ease into the final week. My two fellow trumpets and I sat up in the back of the auditorium and took the test as one mind. It helps that the professor is really dumb when it comes to making the test. We all had different forms, but all the questions were the same, all the answers were in the same places, and all the questions were in the same order. The only thing he changed up was the order of the different sections of the test - like, the multiple choice and the diagram sections. Anyway, simply put, we found a way pretty quickly around his different forms, and then took the test all together. Yeah, its cheating, but I'm a business major and that's a geology class. I just need the grade. Unfortunately, the test I have tomorrow isn't so.... forgiving. I'm going to get raped by this thing. About 3 times the information, with it being 5 times harder to study for, since all the info isn't in the powerpoints, and cheating would be.... well, it wouldn't go over well. The teacher's a lot more intelligent when it comes to making tests and test questions too, so it'll be much more specific information that the kids on either side of me won't be able to help with. Geology had very straight forward questions that were verbatim out of a powerpoint he gave us. This test won't be nearly as simplistic.

So, with that said, I'm gonna go study for said test instead of wasting my life on Blogspot some more.

Happy Finaling

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