Monday, October 25, 2010

homecoming. is. exhausting.

Oh my. Homecoming is exhausting.

Mkay, so the festivities technically started on wednesday night with a 9 pm worship service. Now, 9 pm isn't so bad, I guess. It lasted an hour or two, and I was back to homework by midnight. The next night was freshman mass meeting. I think I've mentioned that... in detail... so that brings us to Friday night. Pretty normal day until the pep rally. We played at the pep rally, which ended with a huge fireworks show and lighting the bon fire.... which was just unreal. This fire was bigger than I had imagined. If you can imagine a flame the size of a 4 story building... it was kinda like that. This picture doesn't really capture it, but it gets kinda close.
Imagine a little bitty person taking up about the size of one of these letters.

So that, plus a ferris wheel and various other carnival activities and a concert/dance party, and you have an awesome Friday night that went on entirely too long, considering the following morning.

Saturday morning was the parade. The band is the very front of the parade, and we had to be somewhere at 7 in the morning. In full uniform. yum.

Lets take a moment so I can let you in on a little secret. I hate parades. I hate parades so much. As an observer, you may not think of the actual path the people of the parade must take; the length of the parade. Band kids, for the most part, are fairly intelligent.. they can get in line, they can make a form look better.... all until you get in a parade block. I don't know what it is about parades, but band kids turn into idiots. They can't stay in line, the concept of a diagonal is completely lost, the basic step size, which the majority of band kids could step off in their sleep because its so ingrained into minds and muscles, is utterly forgotten. It's pitiful. Then you add in a turn, and all hope is lost. After a mile or two, no one even tries. All the parade-goers look so happy... they're cheering and clapping, and all we can think is 2 more more's almost over....

SO. Sorry, for the rant, especially if you can't relate at all, but I REALLY hate parades. To top it all off, it was nearing rain the whole time, and finally started to rain when we finished. After that hell, we had to go to the game, which we have to be 4 hours early for. That gave us a whopping 45 minutes. Then we had a fun rehearsal in a state of half sleep and drizzle. They finally did something good and fed us food, and I know they don't have control over the weather like Scott Mason did, but the sun came out for lunch. Then game time. Or so we thought. The teams came out, kick off happened, a whole 2 minutes go by.... then there was a weather delay! woooooooh. Apparently, a tornado touched down somewhere within 6 miles of the stadium and people saw lightning. So they herded the band into this old weight room. This was a much better option than the general population, which retreated to the concourse, which proceeded to flood. I was in a nice cozy room, with climate control and proper lighting, and fluffy work out equipment, on which I promptly fell asleep and missed the following monsoon. Apparently, it was a total downpour, but I had no idea it had rained at all. So, after 2 hours of slightly uncomfortable/useless sleep and waiting around, we got to continue the game... which was really finally starting the game. This 6 hour football game was painful to watch, but worth it. We won, thank God, but sure not because the refs liked us. I've never seen a more poorly officiated game, but we stuck it to them anyway, even in the drizzle that never really went away.

It was such a long, exhausting, sightly miserable experience, but all worth it for that bowl game. I can't wait.

Happy monday, and only 6 more days until Halloween. Eat something unhealthy.

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