Sunday, October 10, 2010


Ooooookay. If there is a such thing as an awesome weekend, I had one. (Sports don't count. If that's the judge, one, I'm really messed up, and two, this weekend really sucked. Baylor lost, Rangers lost twice, Cowboys lost.... just not good.)

But okay, putting sports aside, this weekend has just been amazing.

First on the list of awesome, I went to a magical place where I had real food, a loving cat, couches that recline, 120 square feet all to myself, a clean bathroom.... yes, I went home. It was the Bubble, but it was really okay, because of all the mentioned and a few other things, like some of my totally awesome amazing really cool friends.

Second, I finally got to see Coppell's marching show. They got second at the competition this weekend, and as good as they were, they deserved it after I heard Mansfield. THEY were freaking awesome. They played Asphalt Cocktail. (Just look it up... maybe I'm a band nerd or a music freak or something for LOVING it, but all the same....) If you need some perspective, it was a bitch to play in a concert, sitting still, putting all my focus to paying attention to paying the notes at the right freaking time.... and they decided it would be a good idea to march to this piece that switches time signatures every measure or two. Who ever decided to march to this piece that has 7/8 measures in it, I applaud them, because it was executed beautifully last night. They definitely deserved first.

Dying to see it now? Thought so. Well, watch it!

Third, guess what came back to Baylor with me? (What do you mean, "I don't know, What?"... You were supposed to guess, silly.)
Okay, fine, I'll tell you.... A car! I know, I know, its not spectacular news to you, but it makes a world of difference to me, even if its my mom's old car that's been sitting around since she got a new one.... so I'm driving a beat up 2000 Pathfinder, but it's a car, and it goes forward and backward, it stops, and it even turns side to side, and all without completely falling apart. And it has a sun roof. Can't beat a sun roof. You say mom car. I say Sport Utility.

ANDDDD, if that's not enough for one weekend, I got to spend most of it with some of my best friends. Sarah was awesome, even if she was at work half the time. It was awesome getting to see her, even if she's stressing about the rest of high school and what colleges to apply to and all that fun senior stuff. I really wish there was something I could do to help, but I think I'm doing all I can.... which brings me to Anna! I think I made a few people really happy this weekend. It's rather complicated, but Sarah's been following Anna and me very closely lately and, well, meddling. :] I don't mind. I never did. Anyway, Anna and I have been really awesome friends for years, and we finally decided we were more than friends... verbally. I think we've both known it for a while, but we actually did something about it now, so as of today, neither she nor I are single :D

So like I said, all in all, this weekend was just about as awesome as life can get. Car, band, home, friends, and the best thing that's happened to my life in a very, very long time.

Oh, and Anna, this song perfectly describes my thoughts. I don't know how Relient K always has the perfect song, but they do, even for my ad;dlfkjasd;lfkjasdlkfjl:D brain right now.