Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Update.

I feel the need to apologize again for the infrequent posts... school and life keep getting in the way. I know, I know, how dare they. I should devote all my life to sitting in my room on my computer and ignoring all the people around me and my school work. What do they matter anyway?

But yeah, I've been focusing on band and schoolwork and reading and friends and call of duty. All of that is pretty time consuming, so again, sorry for not updating as regularly as I was a few weeks ago.

This weekend is gonna be fun. It's a home game, and its early, so I actually get a Saturday night this week, unlike the past two weeks - they were late away games, so the band kids have no lives that day, especially if they - heh, I - sleep in. I dunno what I'll be up to yet, but I might end up just sitting inside playing more call of duty.

The real thing to look forward to is NEXT weekend, when my best friend is (hopefully) going to come visit. Plus, its the big Baylor vs. Texas Tech game, and that's just destined to be an awesome game, regardless of the outcome..... but we're gonna win. :D

Good times. I'll tell you all what comes of my potentially awesome weekend in a few days. :]

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  1. OH. And happy October! It's one of the few awesome months Texas has to offer :]