Monday, October 18, 2010

number fifty.

Yes, my faithful followers, it's true. You've now stuck around (or maybe gotten here just in time) for 50 posts. I think its the first benchmark number for any blogger. Since I started out posting like, once or twice a month until just recently, 50 has taken a very long time. Hopefully I'll double it in less than half the time.

But enough about that. Go on, ask the question you're dying to know the answer to: how're you doing? How's life? What's up? All those general questions you ask to someone you see while riding your bike to class rhetorically, knowing by the time they say anything you'll be out of earshot. But since you're here reading all the details of my simple college life with such happiness, I'll assume you actually want a real answer to "what's up."

Well, to answer your deep, philosophical question, I'm doing just dandy. I mean, I'm dreading a test over the intricacies of Microsoft Excel on Wednesday, and I'm putting off some reading at the moment (I say 'some reading' because I'm not entirely sure what it is that I'm supposed to be reading. My teacher assigns weekly reading that's always due on Tuesdays, but he's not really good at telling us what it is), but all in all, life is good.

Firstly, Anna. It sucks we're so far away, but in the big scheme of things, its only a little bit of time before we're both back in Coppell, and besides... it's not like I want to be in a relationship with anyone else but her, so not being together is pointless. It's silly to say something like, "well, maybe once we're out of college...." because that in itself is almost an obligation not to get into any serious relationships. So why wait? I kinda blew it 4 years ago when we 'dated' for all of a few weeks and then stopped... awkward story involving a loud mouth ex....don't worry about it..... but now we're together, and even with 5 hours and 42 minutes legally between us, I couldn't be happier.

Second, its Homecoming week at Baylor! Sic 'em. Being in band, I think I'm supposed to hate homecoming week, since it sucks up so much time and sleep and energy and life, but it's like, the only time I get to be a freshman with the rest of my class. All kinds of activities happen this week where I get to just be part of the student body, and I'm excited for it. And I get to build a bonfire - who doesn't wanna do that? Good times.

Third, last weekend was Fall Break, which is a bit of a misnomer, since its just Friday. A measly three day weekend that they call a 'break'. I guess I don't mind so much, because its the perfect length of time back at home and it makes the semester that much shorter. Its just long enough to where Mom and Dad treat me like a special guest and don't make me do anything, and Connor and I get along without any problems. I also got to travel with two awesome friends, which beats the hell out of driving alone. It was a party both times. Good music, funny moments, non-awkward eating-in experience, and trail mix. Just good times. During the weekend I got to hang out with one of my best friends who moved off to Kansas University (shame, but I'm glad he likes it somehow) and came back for his fall break. It was nice to finally see him, and equally great to see Haley and Sarah. I also had lots and lots of fun seeing all my other friends and going to the band competition and the high school's football game (where one, I saw Tony Romo, and two, I witnessed the awesomely easy defeat of Southlake Carroll, and three, got to hang out with the band some more... once a band nerd, always a band nerd)

Quick side note that's too long to stick in parentheses.... I really am such a Coppell band nerd. They were in trouble and the drum majors called them to attention, and I didn't catch myself in time and snapped to attention with them. It was just muscle memory and habit, but it was still really embarrassing, heh.

Where was I.... oh yeah, fourth. Fourth, Baylor is 5-2 now. Best big 12 team record in Texas, I'm pretty sure. This and Coppell's perfect record definitely make up for the Dallas Cowboys' dismal record. We're getting ready to face off against KSU to become eligible for a BOWL GAME at the homecoming game this weekend. It's been a reallyyyyyy long time since we were this close to a bowl game, and I would hate to curse us by mentioning this, but I'm doing it anyway because it's so exciting.. it feels so good to laugh at all those people that laughed at me for going to Baylor because of their "bad" football team. I dunno who they were kidding, we're doing great. Not awesome, but far from bad. We definitely did 'Rise Up', just like we were supposed to.

There are just so many other things that are awesome right now that I can't even remember them all. Life is just pretty awesome right now (which is why it's been over a week since my last post... I've just been enjoying life too much to stay on a computer long enough to type a post out.)

I hope this happiness that's bursting out of me is electronically transferable. Your day better be better now :] I hope more of my posts get to be this happy, because being happy is just a good feeling... I promise it's not just the caffeine I'm hyped up on :D


  1. a. i can testify to that snap to attention.
    b. :))))
    c. you're KU best friend is a poopface.
    d. When I read the first paragraph, my primary thought was "wow, kyle. super modest. thinking everyone wants to know about you." ...then I realized I did, even though I talk to you all the time. Judgment fail :P

  2. really liking the blog! ( following)chck out mine?

  3. this is like the first blogpost that I have written really telling me how the writer is doing. that's so cool. anyway nice to know your life is good (: