Thursday, October 27, 2011

So happy Halloween week. I love all the old horror movies on TCM that happen around Halloween. It's always fun to watch mystery/murder/horror from the 1950s. So tame. Then you can switch over to amc and they're playing all the more recent scary movies, with the occasional stephen king marathon.

Needless to say, it hasn't been a very productive week. Class is boring me to the point of picking up minesweeper again. I'm way out of practice, and its hard without a mouse, so I have some room for improvement. Right now, the best I can do with the oversized squares and the macbook's touch pad is almost 400. It's pretty pitiful, so I'm working on that during class. As far as homework goes, it doesn't really happen. Most of my classes don't have homework, and the ones that do don't count it for much of a grade, so I spend my time doing all kinds of other things. Like watching movies with friends.

Plus, I had an intramural flag football game last night with KPsi. We lost and I got my jaw bruised really badly, but it's so much fun that it makes up for it. We aren't that bad, honestly. Our record right now is 2-2, and one of those losses was to army ROTC. The one last night was to a church group, and it was a pretty evenly matched game.

Past that, zombies is still going on. The zombies finally outnumber the humans left. I'm still living, though I probably shouldn't be. I keep insisting I narrowly escaped one at the movie theatre, but by 'narrowly escaped' I really mean he got me and I'm denying it. And now I'm one of the last ones left. Then today, one of the zombies caught me off guard at the business building... but he's one of the nice ones. For those that know him, it was Will McKee. Why he was in the business building is beyond me, since it obviously wasn't to hunt.... he came up to me while I was sitting in the hall waiting for the class before mine to let out and had a nice little conversation with me. Then he was like "wait, you aren't dead yet, are you? And its not right before class..." Then he decided he'd leave me alive. Something about wanting my death to be more interesting. Thank god. Or.. thank the undead. Or something.

So that unnamed girl I'm in love with is getting closer to me. She has no idea how much she's torturing me. I'm not giving any sob stories on here, but its turning into a major part of my life, and its my fault, I think. I don't know about her half of things... what she thinks, what she's planning, if anything... I guess time will tell.

Time for lunch. Be back soon :)

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