Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The best day of the year.

This is beautiful.
You don't understand unless you live in Texas just how wonderful the first day of real fall is. Sure, the 'seasons' have names, but everything works on its own schedule in Texas, and the first day after the hot, still summer where its windy as hell and requires a jacket is maybe the best day of the year. I'm sure it'll get warmer again before it gets cold (Texas cold, not real cold) for good for awhile, but I'll take anything I can get right now. It's absolutely perfect outside. Nice and cool, but sunny, so its just a bit chilly in the shade or during a strong gust, but gloriously warm when the wind dies down for a second in the sun. Warmth is something that hasn't had a good connotation since about February. Okay, March, if you're nice.

This is my perfect weather, anyway. I'm sure some people think its too cold, but they're dumb. This will be the perfect few weeks in Texas, until the day I have to use the heater in the apartment for the first time. Until then, its windows open and let the breeze in.

I can't even think straight because I'm in such a good mood because of this weather. The only thing that could make right now any better was if I had some friends to share it with and if my damn back would stop hurting.

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