Wednesday, September 16, 2009

various things that are on my mind.... you get used to it.

ok there is a story behind this one. I got bored. that's the short version.

the longer version is that i was with some friends and watched the band video from sophomore year and saw all the graduated kids and the old traditions that went away with them and all the fun we had back then when we werent in charge. then i went home and decided to write about it, but at the same time, i was bored of writing like normal. so i decided to mix it up a little and try my hand at writing all formally. so dont laugh at me if it sucks; i think its a good first attempt.


Nostalgia claims the best of men; the strongest of the human race is no competition for time. Always victorious, time claims as its own that which man knows, those who man loves, and moments which cannot be recreated. A moment is just that - a small pocket of time that in just another moment has been stolen from a person, leaving in its place only a memory, which is similar to a picture of a dead family member - captured forever, never changing, but never reality. That person will never speak or laugh or love again, nor be there when his loved ones need him - he is reduced to that picture, just as time is constantly reduced from present to past.

A good memory is an ironic, paradoxical thing. It is a joyful time or action to remember, a wonderful thing to recount and pass on, and a time to bring back into the mind to help move onward and maintain happiness in this life. It is also that which mocks man, reminding man that what he is now can never be what he was then, that he may never recreate the glorious circumstances that made the memory. he longs for the feeling associated with the memory, be it love happiness, belonging, order, relevance, or a number of other similar feelings and emotions that can be embodied in a memory and stolen from man by the greedy unforgiving elements of time. Nostalgia, to man, then, is not the happiness of the remembered, but the melancholy longing for that which he does not have and cannot recover, no matter the amount he is willing to sacrifice.

When the bad is forgotten and all that remains is the pure good and joy of life, complete with loving relationships, man cannot keep his mind from these memories, these moments time has taken forever, leaving him so ironically somber.


so anyway, that was my little proper rambling of the day, even though i didnt immediately put it here like everything else i ramble about. speaking of things i ramble about....

why is homecoming such a big deal? who said, "oh! lets go spend hundreds of dollars on each other and call it affection! lets go to a dance that socially awkward people arent invited to so we can have a reason to laugh at them on monday! lets come up with an excuse to make people socially conform. again."? really. who did that. who turned a simple alumni gathering into such a commercialized commotion where everyone has to spend money or they're stupid? where everyone has to spend money or theyre a bad boyfriend? or a lousy, uncaring person? and the real question.....why doesnt anyone question it?! why do we put up with it?! does it make us feel good? is that the reason? does it make us feel accepted to be doing the same thing as everyone else? is it that sorta thing? what could possibly motivate us to do this.
christmas is different. its a worldwide tradition of the centuries and it feels good to get a specific, personalized item for a person in the form of a present. with homecoming, personalization is putting the names on the plastic flower. the present looks just like everyone else's. its not special. its only special if they spent more money on it than everyone else. thats what makes it different. christmas presents can be cheap and mean the world to someone. the only thing that makes mums worth it is taking all the time to DO IT YOURSELF. that shows that you care. spending time on it - taking your valuable time and spend it making a stupid mum. the mum isnt worth anything. its a symbol, thats all. sure, it costs way too much, but cost and worth are different. if you get yours made or delievered, it really is worthless. i'm sorry, but i hate you for getting it ordered. you have the wrong idea. an ugly, homemade mum beats a fancy, expensive, perfect factory ordered one any day of the week.

so. the new season of the office starts tomorrow along with all my other favorite thursday nbc shows (including community, the new one with the guy from derrick comedy), the cowboys play a home game this weekend, house starts next week.... tv in the next few days is looking pretty good. this is the time of year my grades go down hill...but not this year, because im a senior, and they dont give us homework anymore.

ok thats a lie. i have so much crap due on friday its not funny. but having only 5 classes sure gives the illusion of less homework from each class. i know band and advanced reading and calculus have virtually no homework ever. macro has reading every once in a while. english..... oh english.... has a few long term projects, homework and outside reading and the whole 9 yards. its just silly. one class will be the death of me. and what do i have to show for it?

3 grades. but really 2, because one's still blank. all that work, and i only have 2 grades in the class in almost 4 weeks. what the heck.

anyway, i'm done for now. be back next time i'm bored. :]

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