Tuesday, September 1, 2009

back into the swing of things.

thought of school first? well so did i. so lets start there.

yes indeed, school is underway. already the 2nd week. time flies when .....you only have 5 classes. thats right. there is no fun being had, but at least its better than freaking junior year, right? i dont mind this whole school thing for once. as a friend put it, its our last year of free education. that made me think how spoiled i was... i get an education until i'm 18 for free (well, taxes, but you know what i mean), and all i ever do is complain about it. i might as well get something out of it for a year, especially since most of it doesnt mean much. sure, there are AP classes, but being this close to going away to college and stuff..... it just makes high school seem more like day care.

but hey, i have advanced reading, which is actually one of the deeper classes i've ever taken. it sounds like a blow off class because it is, but only if you want it to be, like most blow off classes. then there's macro, which is totally fascinating to me. i finally found a class that just kinda clicks in my mind. i get it. and i like it. this doesnt happen a lot, so be amazed. its not memorization so much as it is logic. and it has like, A REAL PURPOSE. thats the best part. it applies. it isnt a research project on a dead poet or learning a language that will never be spoken outside of the classroom... its analyzing the recession we're in now and finding ways of not being as affected by it. its realizing what you have to go through as a business. its looking at how the world worked in the past, how it works now, and how it'll work years and years from now. its the most applicable class i've ever taken.

then theres english, which has 2 long term projects, we had a timed writing test grade on the second day of school, right now we're picking our way through beowulf... lets look at this. what does identifying another appositive have to do with my life at all? when the hell am i going to need to analyze old english poetry?

then theres band, which is the closest thing i have to a hobby, i guess.... it never goes away though. honor band 1st, practice during 6th, section leader meeting during 7th, after school band, rinse and repeat. right now i have band for about 6 hours a day. thats no hobby, thats prison. especially without mr. davis.....damn doctorate.

enough school. i'm back into other swings of things besides the daily school thing. besides, i've been waking up early for weeks now for (oh wait for it...) band. hard work and homework are nothing new to me, i've been working on an eagle project at home for months. no no, i have plenty of other things to fall back into. but right now its just about midnight and i have plenty of homework i've been procrastinating for hours..... yet another habit i've quickly readapted to this new school year.

if you read this, do tell. i have no way of knowing how many people read this, so i dunno if i'm actually talking to someone when i write these, or just kinda into the nothingness of the internet.

i'll be back to talk about something more meaningful than school sooner or later. :]

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