Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm in a bits and pieces mood, so deal. its not a paragraph, but its not really a poem either. its just....lines.

do you ever feel like nothing could go wrong?
even when you know for sure things are going wrong as you think?
it seems totally backwards, to be in a good mood
when there isnt anything going for you.
but sometimes it happens.
while i knew there was just so much drama in my life,
and so much wrong with my life,
nothing could spoil my hopes.
i was overjoyed and overconfident,
thinking i could just sway things in my direction.
oh how stupid.
i simply put aside the bad,
ignored it completely without knowing it.
i refused to let myself acknowledge the world going on around me,
refusing to let myself know how it was going to end.
then it ended.
and the world crumbled,
but i stood with a blank stare,
simply trying to comprehend what was happening,
because i hadnt thought of this possiblility.
it caught me offguard.
it wasnt an option, but it was happening anyway.
i should have seen that coming.
i wasnt in control.
i couldnt sway anything.
it wasnt my choice to make.
i really should have seen that coming.

oh well.

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