Tuesday, June 25, 2013


OH, I totally forgot the reason I came over here in the first place.

I got super distracted filling you in on my life, that I forgot what reminded me about this silly blog I have. Maybe it's easier to just show you:

This is what I like to call the perfect example of poetic justice. These bastards are like hawks during the school year. Summer, it's a different story. I park in the dedicated medical center spots when I go into work and nothing bad happens. (Oh, I quit my life guarding gig. It's only the office assistant at the science building now.) But during the school year, God help you. They're relentless. 

It's nice to see them get a taste of their own medicine. I don't even know where the parking ticket money goes, but I'll bet their department relies on it for at least part of their budget. There has to be some incentive for them, because they're wayyy too efficient at their jobs to not see some of the funds. It's like 80 bucks every time I get caught in a faculty spot without any sticker on my car. That's just stupid, Kyle, why would you park in faculty knowing you're going to get a $80 ticket?! Well, if I get caught 3 times a year, that's still cheaper than actually paying to park on campus. Better yet, without a sticker - that is, without my car being registered through parking services, there's no way for them to track me down. I've never had my car booted, luckily. It's getting close to the point where they could boot my car, in which case they could demand all the previous tickets be paid plus about $70 (I think) to have the boot taken off. That'd be an issue. But so far so good, so I keep parking on campus where I shouldn't. 

But this fucker got what was coming. He got that boot. He got his clients worst nightmare. Taste of his own medicine, all that stuff. This is justice in its purest form. The perfect punishment for having a job being a relentless glorified mall cop that can give expensive, unnecessary tickets. That's what you get. Karma. Moral of the story? Don't work in a shitty job where you know people hate you for what you do. Do something good with your life that actually contributes to society instead of stealing money from broke college kids who can't afford to live next door to campus, much less pay for your stupid $350 parking sticker. 

My bike got stolen. Twice. Different bikes. One I got for high school graduation. So don't give me that "just bike to campus" stuff. Usually, I walk to class. Really. But concert band? It's on the other side of campus. Work? It's even farther on the other side of campus. And I have to go to those when it's hot outside in the afternoon. And by the time they're done, it's right at or after 5 pm, when the parking rules go away anyway. That's the real kicker. The parking sticker thing is only enforced weekdays from 8 to 5. How's that for getting your money's worth? Buy this expensive sticker that only guarantees a chance (a slim chance) of finding an open parking spot during 9 hours of 5 days a week. The rest of the time its fair game for anyone. 

But anyway, you get the idea. I hate Parking Services more than anything else on this campus, and I'm so glad this happened. I hope they had to pay a lot of money to take it off. 

On the other hand, if they did it ironically and intentionally just for a picture (as I have no idea as to the context of this photo), then I hate them even more for it.

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