Tuesday, July 9, 2013


There. Done. Finished. Over. What up.

I finished college today. Technically, I was done with learning last Wednesday, and only had a final this morning, but damn. It's just not the same until its legitimately over.

I only needed a 30 on this final to pass the class. I'm already employed; I don't need a stellar GPA, even though I'll still have one. So there wasn't any pressure, but this had to seriously be the worst way to go out. This test was 14 questions of awfulness. I answered the first three pretty fast, then stared at the rest of the them for awhile, occasionally having a spark of brilliance at one of them. Better yet, there are only 4 people in the class, and the other three are all buddy buddy and left me out in the cold. That wouldn't make a difference at the final, except that the professor, 5 minutes into it, said, okay, just email it to me when you're done. Then he left. Walked right out. So there we are, the three of them suddenly taking a group final, and me on the row behind them just doing my best on my own. Which, for the second exam worked out in my favor because I did better than all of them. Course, they all had the same answers, so...

Anyway, so there we are, alone, taking a final. I end up being the only one in there answering the last 3 questions because they all finished and left together. I got down to the last two, answered part of #13, and then said fuck it. Good enough. And it was good enough. Seriously, I only needed a 30. So that's how I finished college. Good enough, fuck this.

Kinda sums it all up, huh? But in any case, I'm done. I graduate in August, and until then, I'm going to travel thousands of miles around the country, starting with a trip down to the coast with a friend's family this weekend. Finally, my summer is here, and for the last time ever.

Party on, friends.

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