Thursday, March 22, 2012

Up and Go?

Have you ever thought about just liquidating nearly everything you own and just moving? I mean everything... selling your computer, phone, car, bed, furniture, tv, clothes... anything and everything. I'd say maybe keep a carry-on worth of stuff. Whatever fits in your bag you can keep, but the goal is to get as much cash as possible.

And then one day without really telling anyone, just disappearing. Grab a one way Southwest ticket to anywhere and just start over. Find a cheap place and a job, using that cash from your phone, ipod, car, etc. to hold you over till pay day. Hopefully that job is more than washing dishes, but if it comes to that, okay.

Like, if I up and moved today, I wouldn't have a college degree. That really limits my options. I'd probably have a dirt cheap apartment within walking distance of a minimum wage job. But I wouldn't have all the stress I have now. Just a new stress to make a living.

Let's change the scenario... what if you were doing this to truly disappear? This means trying to get rid of any shred of your life now. Get rid of your online presence, for one. You can't tell any of your friends or family what you're doing. You're just gone one day. Like you died or were kidnapped or something. If there was ever a real reason for you to, could you do it? If you got into something so deep that you had to move somewhere and leave no trace, you think you could pull it off and never be found?

I've thought about it, and I really think I could do it, if it REALLY came down to it. My dad survived on a cash only, handy-man business for 6 years. It was hard labor, but easy on skill set to a degree. I could learn to do flooring and fencing, and those alone would give me a decent income. Not even the government would know where I was. This isn't to say I'm going to, or that I want to right now. But I could, and I guess as a plan z, it's comforting. If there were zero options left, I could always go to plan z. Marginally better than suicide, right?

Just the interesting thought of the day.

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