Monday, May 9, 2011

end of the year post.

So. Finals. Whew.

Glad those are basically over. They weren't horrible I guess. After all the work I did, I didn't quite get the grades I wanted, but that's okay. I still got B's where I didn't get A's, and that's okay. Better than the D I thought I was gonna get a few weeks ago.

I still have one to go. But it's Health. Multiple choice and fill in the blank with a word bank. And its all common sense. I was seriously a little disappointed in the shit Baylor lets pass as education here. This is hardly worth my money.

Plus, its my ONLY final left, so I had to stay the whole weekend just for freaking health. I guess I didn't mind that either... it was a chill weekend that lacked studying completely. I played some disc golf, had a cookout, played some guitar hero... anything but studying. The hangover was a real bitch though.

Oh, and I'm so glad I'm moving out of this shithole they call a dorm. In the past few days the kids decided its okay to suddenly act like complete assholes. Let me show you rather than just using words. Even a picture can capture the smell.

Sorry it's all sideways... I'm lazy. Earlier, there was a bottle of spoiled milk on the trashcan along with 4 or 5 pickles. I'm pretty sure that milk is all over the floor now. I'm not sure you can see them, but the stall is actually littered with a box of homemade cookies. The trash is overflowing, there's a turd in the urinal, I think something living is in the sink... its just bad.

Then there's the hallway. Someone tried to paint the walls with grape jelly yesterday. Then someone flat out flung purple paint everywhere. Then others are aspiring modern artists....

Again, sorry for the sidewaysness. suck it up. This is a picture of a coat hanger mobile, complete with a plastic bag and a pair of boxers. Adds a nice touch to the dreary hallway, don't you think? There's also chocolate smeared on the wall. The only reasons I know it's chocolate and not shit is because one, it doesn't smell, and two, the rest of the bag of easter chocolate is all over the floor. When you walk right outside, the ground isn't even clean; someone appears to have had a cinder block fight, and it now looks post-zombie-apocalypse-y out there, what with bits of concrete scattered everywhere.

On the flip side, my room is the cleanest its been all year. I'm not sure it was even this clean when I moved in. I swept, for one. That was a disaster. I felt no regret when I just kinda swept it into the hallway. It didn't look out of place, as you can imagine. All my stuff is in my car except for my pillow, blanket, and computer. It's so much bigger without all the crap everywhere.

I'm still having a hard time grasping the fact that I'm a fourth of my way through college already. It feels like I just moved in for band week. (speaking of which, I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT FOR MARCHING BAND. I'm a dork. Whatever. I love band.) Tuesday is KPsi retreat; we're going camping. After that its back home to start my job and start sorting through all my crap, trying to make my room inhabitable again... right now its filled up all the way to the door. I don't think I can actually get INTO my room because there's too much stuff in it. Like all the stuff I moved home already, but also stuff like my parents' old mattress, among other things. My family decided my room got turned into a storage room. I think they're turning it into the music room when I take all of my stuff to my apartment, but I dunno.

Right now, though, I need to stop writing and start sleeping... I have a 9 AM test that can go die. But to all my fellow college readers, happy summer! You didn't die this year! To all my high school friends... sucks to be in school - good luck with tests and such. :D